Cathedral Center, Inc., one of Milwaukee’s largest local homeless shelters serving women and families with children, is a local recipient of the Federal Association of the Order of Malta’s Grants Committee. This grant supports necessary improvements to the dorm rooms families stay in. Cathedral Center is one of 20 nonprofits across the U.S. to receive a grant this year.

“We needed to replace the flooring and beds in our family dorms. You can imagine the wear and tear over time with kids staying in the rooms,” Cathedral Center Executive Director Donna Rongholt-Migan said. “This grant allowed us to replace the carpet with something easier to clean between guests and new beds replaced the old ones. We also replaced the locks, allowing families to lock and unlock the door themselves with a code. Providing a safe, comfortable space for families to heal is at the core of our mission, and these improvements mean so much to us and the families we serve.”

A lay religious order of the Catholic Church since 1113, the Order of Malta is active in 120 countries caring for people in need through its medical, social and humanitarian works. The U.S. is home to thousands of members and volunteers, with several in the Greater Milwaukee area. For more information, visit

Order of Malta members Beth Hanan and Dan McCarthy. (Submitted photo)