What I learned when Paulene and Roger came to visit:

1)    Matt is more like his mom than his dad

2)    I really do need to take naps to function normally

3)    My wedding rehearsal bouquet will consist of different colored paper roses, made by Matt’s mother

4)    Matt was one CUTE baby!

It’s been nearly a month since Matt’s parents came to visit us, and there has been a lot that I’ve learned since meeting them, not only about them, but also about Matt and myself. The way his parents interact with one another greatly reminds me of how Matt and I are together, so I guess Matt did pick up some good traits of theirs along the way.

So, although I wasn’t able to take off from work for very long while they were here, we were able to squeeze in a few fun things. In addition to exploring used book stores downtown and sifting through thrift stores, they also got to spend some quality time with us over homemade dinners and rides in the car.

All in all, it was a fun, exhausting, strenuous, stressful, yet overall enjoyable time. I can’t wait until I see them again closer to the wedding!



Music playing while writing this: “Chance” by James Maddock