Guess where I am?

I’m in a huge building, surrounded by things I never really thought existed. The lights are blinding, the items expensive, and I’m pretty sure my headache is only going to get worse by the time I finally find my way out of here. Two kinds of people surround me: the kind that are incredibly helpful and opinionated, and the kind that are indifferent and standoffish, eager to move out of the way when we meet.

Have an idea now? I’m registering for wedding gifts.

No one said it would be this difficult. I figured I would take the little register “gun,” run around the store for about 20 minutes, marking anything I wanted, and then just leave. Not at this store, you don’t!

At this store, you take the time to really think about how these items (bath towels, silver serving dishes, china and glassware) will look in your home. How many guests do you expect to have over at your house for entertaining within the next few years? That looks like a nice color tablecloth, but see how it makes the china plate look dirty? That wine glass is far too big for the dinner table!

Finally, after two whole hours of aimlessly wandering around, I finally started (not completed) my registry. I have a feeling I will need to go back and delete some of the items I thought I wanted (such as those two $60 throw pillows I later decided I would never buy for anyone else), but for the most part, my days of wedding shopping are done.

Dear God, thank you for getting me through this shopping experience alive. I never thought I would make it.



Music playing while writing this: “The Twilight Sega: New Moon” soundtrack