In Amy’s words:

Let me tell you, fake proposals are the worst.

On Valentine’s Day, I was getting serious vibes that Matt was going to propose to me. I called my brother, my sisters, my friends, to tell them about my feelings on the engagement subject, and I was told by all of them to “call right away when he proposes!!!!” 

Oh, I called them all right.

I brought dinner to him while he was working that night, and through it all he kept saying that he wanted to give my present now, but because I thought he was going to propose to me that night, I didn’t want him to (because who wants to be proposed to while at Starbucks?). Eventually, he asked again, and this time I said that he could give it to me.

From out of his pocket, he took out the ring box. My heart started racing and I got excited and my head was a-buzzing as I he handed it to me.

“Open it!” He said excitedly, and so I did. The box creaked as I slowly opened it, and was instantly blinded by all the diamonds studded on it. But something was wrong.

Matt was still in his chair, smiling at me with his hands in his pockets. He didn’t say a word, but just sat there and watched me.

I figured he was as nervous as I was, and just forgot that he wasn’t supposed to assume that I would marry him, but actually ask me. I tried to help him along by asking him which hand I put the ring on (as everyone knows, the right hand is the golden option).

“Whichever hand you want, honey,” he said, that grin still on his face. “See? I told you I would get you a promise ring!” 

Like I said, fake proposals are the worst.


In Matt’s words:

So I got the ring a few days after Valentines day. I figured she would have no idea after i gave her the promise ring. She had the idea that I would propose to her for another couple of years, little did she know…..

I invited her to come out and have a few drinks on St. Patrick’s Day with some friends. It seemed like forever before she was done with work and on her way. I was so nervous that I couldn’t even touch the free corned beef and cabbage. Finally she arrived and we had a few drinks, which helped me get up a little more courage. Amy walked away and I got every body gathered round and waited for her to return. When she got back I handed her the box that was on the table, which later told me she was so curious about because I had just left it sitting there. Amy opened it and the look on her face was of surprise mixed with a little nervous laughter.  I asked to be my wife and she said yes!

 From then our long trip has begun, for years to come.