This past weekend was a whirl-wind of activity as Matt and I tried our hand at making Save-the-date magnets to be passed out for family and friends. As a photographer, Matt was able to set up his Olympus camera on a tripod and use the automatic timer to record our silly antics.


We used a shower curtain from Target for the background. At the time we were planning on holding signs that said “Save,” “The,” “Date,” but realized later that we could hardly see the words on the computer. We decided to Photoshop them in later, an easy feat once you get the hang of rotating the words (CTR T, for those of you interested).

When we finally got four photos, we used a tutorial found on to make our own “film strip,” like so:

And…that’s it! We will be choosing a Web site to submit it and make them into magnets later on this week. It took us about 3 hours, from hanging the curtain to saving the file as a JPEG.


Music playing at this time: “Memories and Dust” by Josh Pyke