If you are a Catholic who owns a business or you are a high-ranking employee at a business that upholds Catholic values, the Catholic Herald has something special for you.

In the Sept. 5 issue, the Catholic Herald will put the spotlight on Catholic-owned or run businesses in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

This will be a great way to let our readers (some of the most engaged Catholics in the 10-county southeastern Wisconsin region) know what your company is about.

How it works is we will provide a 1:1 match of editorial content (story and/or photos) for any advertising you purchase in the issue.

For instance, if you buy a half-page ad, you will receive a half page of editorial content. Purchase a full-page ad, and you get a full page of content, etc. The stories can be written by one of your employees (edited for grammar, style and punctuation) or by one of the Catholic Herald’s reporters. That part is up to you.

Also included in the issue will be a directory listing all of the businesses that advertise, along with address, phone number, website, owner (and home parish) and business hours.

Our ad reps will begin reaching out to potential advertisers following Memorial Day, but if you want to ensure you are included, you can contact Herald sales representatives Bob Bembenek (, 414-769-3470) or Michael Elftman (, 414-769-3477).