Life After High School: Career and College Fair for the Catholic Teen is scheduled for Oct. 15-17.

The event includes more than 25 speakers, including Sr. Helena Burns, FSP, Fr. Robert Spitzer, Joshua Pearce, Bill Donaghy and Laura Berquist.

Topics will include preparing for college, military and trade programs, vocation discernment, career exploration and gap-year options.

Paola Ciskanik, conference co-host and homeschool coach, explained her reasons for organizing this conference. “I keep getting questions from homeschooling parents along the lines of, ‘How do I prepare my child for life after high school?’, ‘Where are the good Catholic colleges?’, and ‘What if my child isn’t college bound?’ Searching the web for answers is at best a daunting process for anyone but let’s add in the stress of being first-time home educators, a pandemic in the world, and general uncertainty. So, I connected with Walter Crawford and Maureen Wittmann of to put together this free, virtual event.”
Crawford, a conference co-host, said, “We are super excited about this online event. While there are sometimes fairs similar to this locally, there is really nothing quite this available for the Catholic family today. And it’s virtual, too, so need to travel or find a sitter.”
The conference will include their method of hosting recorded 15-minute TED-style talks around main themes, live keynote talks and live Q and A sessions on Facebook and the dedicated Catholic Homeschool Community, and a free virtual exhibitor hall with wonderful free and discounted goodie-bag items.
Wittmann is thrilled that the conference goes beyond serving college-bound students. “Not only do we have the best Newman Colleges represented at the conference, but we also have presentations on religious vocations; military careers; trade programs; gap year options; and ministry opportunities.”
The was launched after the pandemic shut down all of the in-person conferences since March.

Live events are 100 percent free. For those who want watch talks later, they can sign up and get Lifetime Access to all of the talks’ recordings with a simple purchase, called the VIP Pass.