MILWAUKEE –– The “Heart of the Nation” TV Mass that will air Nov. 28, the first Sunday of Advent, will be the first produced locally by Santa Fe Communications in the historic Christ King Chapel at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary, St. Francis.

Local production of the Mass, showing at 9 a.m. on WCGV on Channel 24, and at 5:30 a.m. on WITI, Channel 6, by the not-for-profit organization “dedicated to faith enrichment through media,” is in response to escalating licensing fees to broadcast a Mass produced in New York and viewer feedback indicating a desire for a different style of liturgical celebration,” as stated in an October press release from Bruno John, executive director of Santa Fe Communications.

The Mass will feature singing by a combined choir with members from St. Leonard Parish, Muskego; St. Joseph Parish, Big Bend; and St. James Parish, Mukwonago.

John said in the release that the “Heart of the Nation” Mass, which began in 1984, provides Mass to those “unable to participate in liturgical celebration at a parish because of age, infirmity, or other limitations,” and makes it available “to those who may be unable to afford cable or satellite service,” Catholics in prison and people whose weekend work schedules prevent them from attending Mass.

The release also said that the Saint Francis Seminary chapel will consistently be used for production “so that viewers gain the comfort of a familiar place of worship.” A new Web site,, will also launch at the beginning of the Advent season, making the TV Mass available for online viewing. The Heart of the Nation TV Mass is currently available in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston.