The bishop noted that he was grateful to Lodes for his commitment to children and families who are served through Catholic education. Bishop Callahan wrote that in the weeks ahead, the process to fill the position of superintendent will begin, but in the meantime, associate superintendents Susan Nelson, Brenda White and Carol Ward will handle issues or questions which arise.

Lodes was charged with operating while under the influence on Nov. 24 for an incident that occurred on Nov. 18. He was pulled over by a Delafield police officer who followed him after he failed to proceed through an intersection when the light changed. His blood alcohol level was .308. It was his second offense; the first was in 2004, prior to his employment with the archdiocese.

During a Jan. 11 court appearance, Lodes’ attorney told Judge Richard Congdon that Lodes is undergoing treatment for a drinking problem, according to a Jan. 11 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story. Congdon set another hearing for March 1, in part to allow for the treatment to continue.

Lodes, former superintendent of Arrowhead School District in Hartland, became superintendent of archdiocesan schools in October 2007.