St. Robert School in Shorewood won the state forensics meet this year. (Submitted photo)

For the second consecutive year, St. Robert School in Shorewood has won the state forensics meet.

Because the school has so many competitors, it is placed in the “extra large” division. More than 500 students from 54 schools competed in the virtual event.

With so few extracurricular activities available this year, forensics has seen an uptick at the school this year.

“I am so proud of our team,” said Kathryn DeLapp, middle school teacher and forensics coach. “We had 42 out of 48 team members qualify for the meet and 38 compete. That’s pretty amazing, especially given the fact that competing virtually is a lot different – and more difficult — than competing live in front of judges. They worked so hard and persevered. It’s so exciting.”

“This is such wonderful and well-deserved recognition of our awesome forensics program, led by Kathryn DeLapp,” said Principal Lauren Beckmann. “I am so proud of each and every member of the team who truly rose to the occasion – demonstrating their hard work, determination and talent under even more challenging circumstances this year.”

For the second year in a row (excluding last year when everything was cancelled), St. Robert School in Shorewood has won the title of State Forensics Champions!

They secured the top spot in the “extra large” school division at the statewide Forensics tournament yesterday where 54 teams (schools) and 500 contestants competed virtually.

Students who placed for St. Robert include:

  • Ann Hammes, Prose, first place
  • Sophia Lohse, Poetry, first place
  • Nathan Sanders, Prose, first place
  • Elinor Cincotta, Prose, second place
  • Ava Johnsen, Poetry, second place
  • Oliver Johnsen, Prose, second place
  • Carly Kohloff, Poetry, second place
  • Katherine Purvis, Farrago, second place
  • Waverly Waldron, Serious Solo Acting, second place
  • Caroline Cahill, Humorous Solo Acting, third place
  • Anaya Crosley (Anderson), Storytelling, third place
  • Clare Foy, Humorous Solo Acting, third place
  • Josie Grindle, Non-Original Oratory, third place
  • Alex Maly, Storytelling, third place
  • Arjun Patel, Non-Original Oratory, third place
  • Clara Scanlan, Prose, third place

Students who were in the top of third of their category, earning the “powered” award, were GG Barrett, Farrago; Joe Bortner Oberle, Humorous Solo Acting; Lucy Groser, Persuasive Speaking; Eliot Johnsen, Farrago; Daniela Price, Storytelling; Nora Sprenger, Farrago; Tom Stilp, Persuasive Speaking; and Elliot Weske, Persuasive Speaking.