People are being asked to remove winter decorations from Catholic cemeteries in Kenosha.

Michael Benner, the office manager of St. George, St. Mark, St. James and St. Casimir Catholic Cemeteries, is asking for help in clearing all winter decorations to help maintain the cemeteries’ beauty.

The cemetery growing season officially begins March 1 with spring cleanup to immediately follow. People are asked to remove all Christmas wreaths, grave blankets and decorations before March 1. Cemetery staff will discard any decorations or remaining wreaths.

“We aren’t looking for volunteers to help with the cleanup, but we hope the decorations will be removed,” said Benner. “Not everyone does, and they will be removed and thrown away.”

Veteran markers may be placed directly next to the monument at the head of the grave. Permitted flag placement lasts from Memorial Day until Flag Day in accordance with flag regulations on graves as posted on the American Legion website (

“Flags are installed by volunteer veterans groups and these same groups are supposed to remove them by June 14, Flag Day,” Benner said. “If not removed, we will pull them after Flag Day and have the Knights of Columbus retire them properly.”

Some other rules to keep in mind:

  • Those wishing to plant annuals and perennial flowers may do so only during the growing season, and within 12 inches of the headstone;
  • Before Nov. 2, which is the end of the growing season, patrons should remove annuals and trim back perennials;
  • Planting shrubs of any kind requires prior approval and authorization from the cemetery office;
  • The cemetery reserves the right to correct or remove at any time, without notification, any decoration or planting that is unsightly, overgrown, contrary to Catholic teaching or is immoral, scandalous, obscene in nature, or violates any decoration policy;
  • Patrons should remove noncompliant decorations before the cemetery staff disposes of them; and
  • The complete list of rules and regulations that govern the Catholic cemeteries of St. George, St. Mark, St. James and St. Casimir Catholic Cemeteries are available on the Downtown Kenosha Catholic website,, and posted on signs at each of the cemetery locations.

The Downtown Kenosha Catholic cemetery staff cleans throughout the spring, summer and fall months for beautification, patron and employee safety, and for the prevention of non-biodegradable material polluting the cemeteries and neighboring properties, which includes the Pike Creek, Pike River and Lake Michigan watersheds.

This cleanup does not apply to All Saints Cemetery. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee operates the cemetery and has its own rules, Benner said.

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