Cristo Rey Jesuit High School has announced the launch of a new remote work pilot to meet rapidly changing needs of today’s workplace through its Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP). Collaborating with Milwaukee employers, Cristo Rey Jesuit has begun implementing an innovative hands-on remote workforce development training for students.
According to CWSP Director Amy Leahy, “The pandemic has caused workplaces and employees to adjust quickly to new ways of working. To address these changes and develop the skill sets local businesses need, CRJ will pilot the Remote Work Study Program until the end of the current school year. The goals of the pilot address the need for expanded flexibility for employers now and in the future; enhanced in-demand professional skills for young adults; and an effective and scalable remote work training program; while giving students real world remote work opportunities.”
In addition to standard workplace training, students and supervisors participating in the pilot take part in supplementary preparation focusing on technology use, problem solving and communication. Students work one full day each week. Students working remotely are based in the school building and report to a dedicated work space with a CWSP supervisor. Corporate partners have provided computer workstations so students and supervisors, business teams and colleagues can conduct meetings and business remotely.
Since 2017, Kohl’s has provided meaningful work experiences for Cristo Rey Jesuit students through traditional in-person work opportunities, which evolved to a virtual program that kicked off this month. “In working with Cristo Rey, we are mentoring students in the Milwaukee community and building professional skills that will create the foundation for their future in the workplace. Our associates find the experience equally rewarding in that they know that they are making a difference for talent in our community,” said Steve Thomas, Kohl’s executive vice president and chief risk and compliance officer.
“Working directly with Cristo Rey students has allowed me to see how much of an impact a work-study program can have, especially how to navigate a remote work environment. I can see first-hand how their skills develop over the course of the semester, and how this will prepare students for whatever field they choose to enter after high school,” said Clinton Satyavelu, Kohl’s director of enterprise risk services and internal audit.
Cristo Rey Jesuit President Andrew Stith said, “Now more than ever, we must remain steadfast in not allowing the educational gap to widen for our students and to ensure our corporate partners have access to a pipeline of diverse talent in the future. We remain dedicated to providing our students with the infrastructure, equipment and environment needed to not just enter the world, but to change it.”