ST. FRANCIS ­ — A Carmelite priest who was to serve at a West Milwaukee parish won’t serve in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee after an adult male filed a complaint of inappropriate touching and comments with the Hartland Police Department Aug. 17.

“His faculties have been revoked by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee,” said Julie Wolf, communications director for the archdiocese.

Chief of Police Robert Rosch of the Hartland Police Department told your Catholic Herald that the police department followed up on the complaint by interviewing the priest, who “admitted to some of the things, not all of them,” that took place at the Lake Country Racquet and Athletic Club in Hartland Aug. 17.

As of press time, Rosch said in an email that the police department was still waiting for a decision from the district attorney as to whether the priest will be charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.

“They are waiting to hear back from the victim before making any final decision,” Rosch said, explaining that interaction with victims in the decision-making process isn’t uncommon.

“Even if a victim says they no longer wish to have a case prosecuted – not saying that is the case here – this is just considered in the final decision but does not preclude charges being issued,” Rosch said. “If the DA office does not prosecute as a crime, fourth-degree sexual assault, we will issue a municipal charge of disorderly conduct or lewd behavior.”

Fr. Pat Heppe, vicar for ordained and lay ecclesial ministry in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, told your Catholic Herald the religious order priest “is not going to be assigned in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee,” and that the priest currently serving the West Milwaukee parish “will continue indefinitely.”

(The Catholic Herald will not release the priest’s name because charges have not been filed.)