Have you ever lapsed in your Catholic faith? Let things slide? Stopped practicing all together? Was there a time in your life when you asked yourself, “When’s God gonna call me back?”

Whether you’ve found your way home or are still searching, Catholic Herald columnist Marge Fenelon wants to listen to your story, learn from it, and use what she’s learned in her newest book, “When’s God Gonna Call Me Back?,” scheduled for release in Spring 2010 by Liguori Publications. Written in the same conversational tone as “When’s God Gonna Show Up?” “When’s God Gonna Call Me Back?” will help episodic Catholics become more alive and part of the church. Share your story with Fenelon in person, over the phone, via e-mail or personal letter. Sign your name or submit it anonymously. No names or identifying details will be used in the book, so your story will remain confidential.

Answer the questions below and send them to the contact at the bottom of the page:

Why did you leave the church? What was the defining moment in which you said, “That’s it. I’m outta here!”?

What kept you away and for how long? What substituted for your relationship with the Catholic Church? With God?

What brought you back? What was the defining moment in which you said, “I’ve gotta go home!”? If you haven’t come back, why not?

Call or send your stories by Wednesday, Jan. 20 to:

Marge Fenelon
3558 E. Cudahy Ave.
Cudahy, WI 53110
(414) 769-6742