In honor of Catholic School Week coming up Jan. 28-Feb. 3, grade school students from around the Archdiocese of Milwaukee were asked to write a short essay, “Why I Love My Catholic School.” Here is a sampling of responses.

Natalie K., Holy Family, Whitefish Bay

I love Holy Family School because people have your back. If I need help with something, I will have 10 people ready to help. I also love the teachers. They make learning fun with lots of projects to keep our minds stimulated. Also, I love HF because kids from all grades connect. You actually see kids in grade 5 and K5 having fun together. Holy Family is a great place.

Michaela K., St. Peter, Slinger

I have cherished my eight years at St. Peter Catholic School. Ever since I was 4, I’ve had encouraging teachers who have taught me about God and his only son, Jesus. I have bonded with my friends, and over the years, we have grown very close, like a family. Everyone who has come and gone to my school has encouraged me to excel and become the best I can be. I’ve learned my mistakes that I will never repeat again. I know when I go to middle school, everyone will support me. I wish the best for the next generations of Catholic students.

Everly S., St. Francis Borgia, Cedarburg

SFB is a great school. Why I say that is because you pray, you get fun field trips, gym class and library. Also, the teachers are very nice. They let you do fun projects, and sometimes they let you do your homework at school. SFB is a cool school.

Sage P., St. Charles, Hartland

I love St. Charles because of the teachers. They always care for me and help me when I need help. I love my friends because they always include me. God blessed this school and everyone here. I hope God watches over us every year.

George S., St. Dominic, Brookfield

I love St. Dominic Catholic School because we have great toys to play with at recess. I also love the educational experience that the teachers give us. Everybody gets along and we have a priest that will play with us at recess. That’s why I love St. Dominic.

Peyton K., St. Dominic, Brookfield

I love St. Dominic because I feel so cared for here. We have nice and talented teachers. Our teachers inspire us to grow, learn and be nice to everyone. When I first came to St. Dominic, I knew I would want to have my eighth-grade graduation here.

Melanie G., St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Sheboygan

I like Catholic schools because we get to learn about God’s life, history about God and miracles God did. Another reason is the teachers always find a way of including God during their teaching. I also like it because we get to go to church and get closer to God.

Rhyan M., John Paul II Academy, Racine

Most people overlook Catholic schools, but they are a great source for religious formation and a good source of knowledge and service. It shows you how to keep faith and love God. Catholic schools have shown me the history of Jesus and how he made a big impact, but Catholic schools also give you a wonderful education and have a bunch of kindness shown all around us.

Melanie B., Holy Trinity, Kewaskum

I love Holy Trinity because I love going to Mass. I also love learning about God. I love to say prayers to God and Jesus. I love to see we are all friends and seeing all the nice teachers. I love to pray the Angelus with my class. I love to read about the saints and when Mary had Jesus. I love to go to Reconciliation now. It is really easy to say my sins to the priest. I was scared my first time. I like to care for others at school. I love to go to adoration.

Tali H., St. Joseph, Racine

I love my Catholic school because everyone is so nice here. The teachers help you do your work. I remember one time during social studies, I wasn’t understanding the vocabulary word, she gave me different definitions that mean the same thing and then I was able to understand the word. Everyone is willing to help you at our school. One time, I was playing on the playground and I was feeling sad. My friend came over to me and asked me if I wanted to play. I said, “yes,” and she helped me not to feel sad anymore.

Colin D., St. Kilian, Hartford

I like to go to SKS because they teach me about the Catholic faith. Everyone is kind to me. It’s a small school, so I can see and meet everyone. It is like one big family. We have “families” every month. This is what I like about St. Kilian School.

Ximena B., St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, Milwaukee

I love my Catholic school because it is fun and I feel safe and welcome. When I come, the teachers that are there make me feel happy. Also, the teachers are amazing and always make sure we’re OK. We go to Mass every Wednesday and we learn a lot.

Christina K., Holyland Catholic School, Malone

I love Holyland Catholic School because I have more opportunities to challenge myself. Since our classes are smaller, I get to do separate activities that challenge and expand my thinking. These challenges are nice because it helps me to not be bored in class.

Jackson P., Holy Family School, Whitefish Bay

I love Holy Family because of the loving community. I love that everyone will cheer for you during sports games. I also love the small class sizes because everyone knows you by name.

Travis S., St. Dominic, Brookfield

I love St. Dominic Catholic School because all the staff is so nice. Teachers always make fun ways to learn. I also like St. Dominic because the principal is willing to play football with us. I am so lucky to be able to go to church every Wednesday.

Jonathan L., St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Sheboygan

I love Catholic schools because they teach me about God and teach me why God made us. Also, all the teachers are so nice and willing to help. When you are in a bad situation, they will help. Here, every Friday we have Mass and you can do serving.

Natalie H., John Paul II Academy, Racine

I love my school because the teachers help grow my faith. Everyone around me makes me feel safe and appreciated. Everyone is so caring and charismatic towards each other. Everyone is welcomed to have their own opinion, and no one is judged.

Luke F., Holy Trinity School, Kewaskum

I love my Catholic school because we have book buddies upstairs in the fifth and sixth classroom. The class has fundraisers like giving food donations for the poor, and the class has fun rewards when we get all of the marbles in the good containers.

Raymond P., St. Joseph School, Racine

I love my Catholic school because it makes me feel safe and my friends are nice to me. My friends help me when I get hurt and they bring me to the teacher. They all ask me to play with them at recess. My teacher teaches me a lot of things, they treat me nice and I feel safe. I like that my teacher teaches me about religion because I really like to learn about Jesus.

Abril G., St. Kilian School, Hartford

I like St. Kilian because of the safe environment around it, and because of the education they give us. Making friends is easy and everyone is so kind to others. I also like St. Kilian because I can learn more about my religion and understand the Catholic faith.

Riley K., St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, Milwaukee

I love my Catholic school because I have the opportunity to participate in Mass. I also love my Catholic school because it is a welcoming place. Another reason is because of my kind teachers and classmates. Finally, the bright and welcoming community. In conclusion, my Catholic school is awesome.

Mason S., Holyland Catholic School, Malone

I like Holyland Catholic School because we learn a lot, and I also like to play at recess. I like that there’s less people, so it’s less noisy. I also like our S.T.R.E.A.M., which has logical games, chess, art, music, chemistry and more.