What are your hobbies?

I don’t have too many. I have three kids under 7.


You’re a former math teacher — tell me if this rings true for you. I feel like people fall into two categories, good at math/love math and bad at math/hate math. Is that your experience? What are people’s reactions when you tell them what your teaching specialty is?

Definitely. People automatically think I’m much smarter than I actually am. Math is what I stuck with, but it wasn’t without some difficulty. In fact, math was my lowest score on the ACT. I think having to work harder at it has made me a better teacher.


What’s your favorite thing about being Catholic?

There is nothing more amazing than receiving Our Lord truly present in the Holy Eucharist. The sacrifice of the Mass is so beautiful, and I remain awed that he would continue to come to us in such a vulnerable way. I mean, as the host, he can be disrespected so terribly through carelessness or outright desecration, but still, he offers himself to us again and again.


Who is your favorite saint?

I’ve always held St. Therese in a special place in my heart. When I struggled with OCD, St. Dymphna was a significant source of comfort. Since becoming a mother, I’ve also needed our Blessed Mother, St. Anne, St. Zelie and St. Monica.


What’s your favorite spiritual book?

A book that has helped me is “The Prodigal Son: Insights into divine compassion and human behavior” by Georges Chevrot. As someone with OCD, I have struggled with replaying my sins and obsessing over guilt, instead of relying on and trusting in God’s mercy.


I’d love to ask you about your blogging if you’re comfortable with that. What inspires you, and what do you like to write about the most?

For the most part, I like to encourage others. I first began blogging after I struggled immensely with postpartum OCD, and finding I wasn’t alone was of more comfort to me than I can say. Now that I’m in a good place, I like to write about things that will help others find hope.


What’s a lesson you learned from being a teacher?

Kids will always meet your expectations of them — both good and bad. I started my first job in a new school mid-year, and a kid offered to show me to the classroom. He was so kind, so whenever I saw him, I was glad to see him. I didn’t know he had a bit of a reputation before we met; so I always treated him as the kind young man I met that first day. As a result, he behaved that way. People asked me at the end of the year how I got him to behave, but honestly, it was all him.


What show are you currently binge-watching, and on what platform?

With so much sadness and bad news lately, I’ve needed a little bit of joy. I’ve been bingeing Hallmark Movies on the frndly tv app.


What kind of music do you usually listen to?

I’m eclectic — random things pop into my head all the time: 90s alternative, 2000s pop, various hymns from the Gather compendium, 60s singer-songwriters. It’s a jumble.


What’s your current go-to takeout place?

When we lived in the Third Ward, we had many. Since moving to the suburbs, I’ve been a little less excited by the takeout options.


If you had a day off, no kids, no obligations at all, how would you spend it?

I honestly don’t even know. I would probably take a nap and maybe enjoy actually hearing a homily for once.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

You cannot ruin God’s plan for you. You do not have that much power.