Tell us about your job — what exactly does a systems engineer do?

I currently work for a medical device company, so a lot of my work is product and process-focused. So I’m usually leading or participating in the conversations about areas that affect the quality of the product and the quality management processes around it. My current specialization is in human factors and usability engineering, which is an evolving topic in the industry.


And what is human factors all about?

What it means is I’m dedicated to improving the usability, user experience and user interface of the device. So for whatever we’re developing as a company, I’m tasked with the responsibility of developing and maintaining that human factors process so the teams developing and manufacturing this device account for the user and usability of the device. That way, when the medical device reaches the market, it’s something the user can actually utilize in line with the manufacturer’s intended use.


Why do you enjoy your job?

It’s a mix of two things — I get to work with standards and regulations put forward for devices and the team I’m part of figures out how we’re going to implement those, but then on the flipside I get to strategize the human factors engineering work where I’m thinking, “OK, how would the user react to this or is this something where they could make a mistake during use?” I get to see it from two different angles.


What do you love about being involved in the Intercultural Ministries?

I’ve been a master of ceremonies for our Asian Pacific Unity Day for the past two years, which I really enjoy. I’m also blessed with the opportunity to be a member of the USCCB National API Young Adult Volunteer Advisory Team in order to evangelize and disseminate the message of the USCCB pastoral response “Encountering Christ in Harmony.” I am currently working on setting up a gathering of API young adults — online for now — to discuss and form future initiatives for outreach to API communities in our Archdiocese. Our Asian Pacific Community in Milwaukee is definitely big and wide-reaching, and it’s exciting to be called to action to try to make a meaningful impact.


Do you have a favorite Scripture verse?

Isaiah 41:10 — “Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and I will help you.” I actually have a poster of this hanging on my wall. My dad gave me this Scripture verse when I was in college; like all dads, he is always concerned and would always ask me, “Did you say the scripture? If you’re nervous, say the scripture.” So I finally said, “Fine, I’m going to make a poster of it!” Ten years and four apartments later, I still have it.


If you could have anyone, living or dead, over for dinner, who would it be and what would you talk about?

I feel like I should say Jesus, but I already talk to him every day, so that doesn’t work. I’d have to say my grandmother, my nana. She passed when I was little but my family tells stories about her to this day. She was a compassionate, brave lady who embraced her challenges, loved like no other, smiled constantly and welcomed everybody. I would love the opportunity to have a conversation with her as an adult.


What question would you like God to answer for you?

The question I ask myself often is “What is God’s plan for me?” Whenever something doesn’t work out, I start wondering. It reminds me a lot of the proverb “We plan, God laughs.” When I wonder why my plans fail, usually it’s because I didn’t include prayer and God in the planning from the beginning or am being protected from a huge mistake or failure.