“This disease has not only deprived us of human closeness, but also of the possibility of receiving in person the consolation that flows from the sacraments, particularly the Eucharist and Reconciliation. In many countries, it has not been possible to approach them, but the Lord has not left us alone. United in our prayer, we are convinced that he has laid his hand upon us (cf. Psalm 138:5), firmly reassuring us: Do not be afraid, ‘I have risen and I am with you still.’”

— Urbi et Orbi Message of His Holiness Pope Francis, Easter 2020

Window art is one of the ways local families adapted to try and make Easter memorable this year during the coronavirus pandemic. (Submitted photo)

 It may not have been the Easter their families expected this year, but these Milwaukee Catholic Mamas were able to make the day a blessed and joyous affair, adapting old family traditions and even embracing a few new ones.

We ordered meals from a local restaurant, set the table with the fancy-ware, still put the kiddos in Easter attire and did a pinata in the afternoon like I did growing up.

— Jamie W.

We did the Stations of the Cross in our woods on Good Friday, plus a homemade Easter Candle for the Vigil Mass on TV. We also did window painting — a Holy Week project for us.

— Jennifer D.

We had a Zoom chat with my family, made Easter dinner (sweet potatoes never finished baking and my rolls were a little on the doughy side … how does one mess these up?), made our traditional bunny cake — but he was a brown bunny this year. I even forgot licorice (for the whiskers), so had to use some white chocolate melts and tint it pink.

— Andrea G.

We had a “whole-house” egg hunt followed by family lunch before my husband had to go to work. We also baked homemade bread ahead of time for the holiday.

— Laura P.

We did a driving pilgrimage to seven churches and had a short reflection outside of each. Easter Sunday virtually we travelled to LaCrosse for Mass in our Sunday best. Then Easter dinner (ham, asparagus, roasted carrots) on fine china and crystal.

— Linda K.

Silly string fight outside, our annual tradition.

— Mary Beth B.

We finally sang “Alleluia” and received Our Lord at a parking lot Mass. Also egg hunts, resurrection rolls and family Zoom.

— Liz A.

Made our resurrection rolls, had an inside and outside egg hunt. Family breakfast, played board games, watched Mass and rang bells at noon. Painted crafts for family, watched a movie, then had fancy formal ham dinner with all the sides on the good china. Read some books and watched an Easter book read online.

— Dawn S.

Home altar with virtual mass at our church, St. James, who wowed us with music and decorations. We took dressed-up family photos like we usually do and followed with a homemade family ham dinner that we all helped make.

— Kirsten K.

We made resurrection rolls on Saturday night and went through the Easter story together. Then we let my oldest daughter, age 4, stay up late to watch the archbishop at the Vigil Mass. Usually we would go to our parish Vigil Mass, and we missed it very much this year, of course. But it was really exciting for her to stay up so late snuggled with her dad and I on the couch, and I hope she remembers this “Easter-at-home” fondly.

— Mary D.