The Vocation Ministers of the Milwaukee Archdiocese (VMMA) has redesigned and renamed its website,

The new site for the organization of women’s and men’s religious congregations is intended to be more user friendly, according to School Sister of Notre Dame Barbara Linke, vocation director of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. The new URL describes best the religious priests and sisters who primarily sponsor the website, she added.

“Diocesan priesthood is contained in it, but it really emphasizes religious life, both men and women, and so that’s why we use that title,” she said, noting that the site’s background changed from black to white for a fresher look, and individual communities’ advertisements are on the homepage along with fresh video and places where people can request information.

The redesign launched early this year, according to Sr. Barbara, and was followed by the URL approval near the end of May.

Sr. Barbara said the old URL,, will, for about a year, redirect visitors to the new site’s offerings of a directory of contact information for women’s and men’s communities, a calendar of events, stories of service, resources for parishes and schools.