The International Baccalaureate Program of Geneva, Switzerland, announced at the beginning of July that 28 students from Catholic Memorial High School earned the IB Diploma, upholding the school’s highest academic traditions. CMH students who earned the IB Diploma, scored an average of 29.94, about six points higher than the score needed to earn the diploma, and CMH students have earned more than 300 IB Certificates in specific subject areas, which can be used to earn college credit and placement into higher levels of college coursework. IB Diploma holders can at select universities, get 32 college credits and begin at a level equivalent to a second-year college student. For more information on the IB Diploma program at CMH, contact John Burke, IB coordinator, at (262) 378-0888.

Brancato, Colin
Briscoe, Gavin
Brown, Erin
Chamberlin, Ellen
Davis, Erin
Eitel, Elizabeth
Fredericks, John
Gigot, Jacquelyn
Jackson, Dylan
Kihslinger, Emilia
Klimara, Miles
Krause, Jacob
Lang, Sarah
McLeod, Diane
Nennig, Bryanna
Novak, Richard
Olson, Amy
Rohde, Rebecca
Ryan, Bridget
Schmidt, Daniel
Schober, Emily
Selas, Ashley
Siegler, Tim
Starck, Emily
Staskiewicz, Samantha
Stuesser, Samantha
Zellmer, Abigail
Hutchens, Aubrey –(2009 graduate)