A long time ago I had mentioned to you how I had found my wedding dress and bought it, thus crossing off one more wedding task. Well, it’s been more than a year since I bought the dress, and it doesn’t fit me any more. It’s too small.

OK, you can stop laughing at me.

I’ve had a lot of time to consider my options. After thinking things through, I have decided that instead of spending money on altering my dress (which actually doesn’t seem to fit my body type any more), I’m going to buy a different one. I actually found one at Miss Ruby’s in downtown Milwaukee that I really, really like, and will fit me just wonderfully. While it isn’t as grand as the first one, at least I can breathe in it, and move around better. It is actually a bridesmaid dress in ivory (soon to be brides, this is a great money-saving tip for you! I only paid $260!). 

So, if you are getting married, or know of someone who is, and haven’t found “the” dress yet, feel free to consider buying mine. I’m willing to let it go for nearly $300 less than I paid for it. It’s a beautiful, antique but modern dress in ivory that I wish I could still fit into. 

I will be posting the link soon after my online ad is approved on Oncewed.com. Keep your eyes out for it! 

On another delightful note, today marks the first day of sending out my wedding invitations. I spent a few minutes this morning personally hand delivering them to each of my colleagues (yeah, it had absolutely nothing to do with the price of postage these days). I told them that I only had two requirements for those invited:

1. If you don’t come to the wedding, you must still buy me (I mean us) a present. 

2. If you want to come to the lovely and lively reception with Lakefront beer and station buffets, you must attend the ceremony. We will make sure that you do by stamping everyone’s hand as they exit the church. It will be in the image of an elephant, because elephants never forget. If someone tries to sneak into the reception without a stamp, they will promptly be thrown out.

Obviously, I’m very much joking, but it was pretty funny to say this out loud to my fellow employees at the Catholic Herald.


Music playing while writing this: “Away We Go” soundtrack