1. Your spiritual life

With barbecues, pool parties and friends to see, it’s easy to forget about keeping your spiritual life up to date with Mass, eucharistic adoration and confession. Make this a summer to remember by attending daily Mass at least once during the week, and allowing yourself an extra 15 minutes to spend with God either before or after Mass. You’ll be amazed at how much this will help in your daily life!

2. Your job

Whether you’re a high school junior or fresh out of college, it can be easy to let your workday go by without putting much effort into getting ahead. Let your boss see how motivated you are for that promotion by asking him or her for extra tasks, new assignments or even just a one-on-one meeting every couple of weeks to discuss your work progress. By letting your boss know you care about your job, you are more likely to be remembered for a promotion or pay raise.

3. Your physical fitness

Remember all the work you put into getting up extra early to run a few miles each day, or going to the gym directly after work? Yeah, that has the tendency to disappear once your friends start calling to go to another party. Unhealthy snacks, alcohol and sweets are also big deterrents to keeping your body in top shape. Make a pact with your significant other or a close friend to motivate each other throughout the summer. Spend time making music mixes to keep things mixed up and exciting, and work out each time you say you will, no matter what. Although you may dread your early morning or late evening workout routine, you can’t ignore the amazing results afterward!

4. Your education

Long breaks during the summer have the tendency to allow you to forgot a lot of what you learned during the school year, especially if school isn’t your favorite subject in life. Keep your education on track by taking a summer course on something that interests you, or check out a few books from the library. These can be related to something you will be studying next year or they can just be fun reading. By allowing yourself some time to just sit and enjoy a subject, you will absorb more information.

5. Your community

Whether you live in the outskirts of Racine or the small area of Bay View, there are numerous ways to help. Visit your local community center and volunteer with student tutoring, food pantries, fundraising programs and more. Find out how your parish could make use of your time and talent, too. By working with people you might normally never meet, you will have the chance to give back to your community, educate yourself and make lifelong friends!