Before Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki was installed as Milwaukee’s archbishop Jan. 4, his high-profile tenant in the archdiocese’s Cousins Center, the Milwaukee Bucks, were not an NBA playoff contender. Since then, they have gone 25-13 and are headed for post-season play. Some teams improve with a change in owners, general managers and/or coaches; the Bucks got better when they got a new landlord at their practice facility. The Boilers are wearing on me: Do I think Purdue can beat Duke Friday night? Sure. Do I think they will? All I know is that my T-shirt wardrobe consists of a lot of Purdue wear and I’d like to go through it before this tournament is over.
Problem or prescription? Does H.R. 3590 cause or cure blah, or is it the endless debate surrounding it that is the cause/cure?