My new in-laws, that’s who!

Matt got the phone call yesterday with the news we’ve been waiting to hear for the past year: my soon-to-be mother- and father-in-law will be arriving in Milwaukee April 15. While they are only planning on staying with us for a week, their visit is sure to be a whirl-wind of activity as we pack in museum visits, souvenir shopping, lengthy dinners and introductions to my side of the family.

With all the planning that is sure to be within the next couple of weeks, I ask myself: how will I fit in time to learn about my new family?

There are questions we all ask our significant other’s family when we meet them for the first time, as well as those other, more extensive questions we tend to ask as our relationship deepens with them. How I’m going to somehow fit all these questions together in one visit is actually kind of blowing my mind right now. Recall how easy going I am when I talk about my future in-laws? Yeah, fooled you, huh?

More news to come, I’m sure. In the meantime, I’m getting ready for trips to the Milwaukee County Zoo and dinners at Twisted Fork!


Music playing while writing this: “Shake it” by Metro Station