While I was an undergraduate at Marquette University, my days were pretty full, to say the least (especially that supposedly “day of rest” Sunday). That was why I had my own “Top 3” when it came to where I attended Mass. Depending on where and when I was studying (Starbucks or Barnes and Noble) or writing papers (Raynor Library) I either attended Gesu Parish, Milwaukee, The Basilica of St. Josaphat, Milwaukee or my childhood parish, Mary Queen of Heaven, West Allis.

While I made the effort to attend these parishes, I never really tried to settle myself into one of them, for keeps. Like a drifter, I tended to go to the Mass that fit my schedule, rather than the Mass that gave me the most fulfillments.

Now that school is out forever, last year came the decision to finally choose a parish to put some roots down. After giving it some thought, Matt and I decided on The Basilica of St. Josaphat. Not only is it beautiful inside and out, has a diverse congregation and is close to where both of us live, but, most especially, it leads us to have conversations about our faith that we don’t tend to have when we attend other parishes.

For those of you out there who are walking in the shoes I was once in, I encourage you to set down some roots and start testing out churches to make your home. Believe me, you’ll know when you find it.


 Music playing while writing this: “Save it for a Rainy Day” by the Jayhawks