Today is National Stress Awareness Day. Like that can’t be observed every day of the year? It’s also the 75th birthday of the Polish Prince, Bobby Vinton, so crank up “Blue Velvet” or  “My Melody of Love” to combat your stress. 

Speaking of notable Poles, no surprise that Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, Milwaukee’s first archbishop of Polish descent, will be the celebrant of the 10:15 a.m. Mass at Polish Fest on Sunday, June 20 at the Summerfest grounds. 

Historic date: Yesterday was the first anniversary of Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan’s installation as archbishop of New York. An observation: He was archbishop of Milwaukee a little more than seven years, but Archbishop Dolan never wrote a pastoral letter during that time. Yet, last month he promulgated “Keeping the Lord’s Day” — a pastoral letter to the Catholics of New York regarding Mass attendance. 

Given all the concern about, and efforts to increase, Mass attendance in southeastern Wisconsin, that would have been an appropriate letter to write to the people of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee while he was here. Maybe the archbishop felt, as the co-hosts of “Wayne’s World,” Garth Algar and Wayne Campbell, were wont to say, “We’re not worthy!”