I’m sure she — and all mothers — would be if they saw the T-shirts their sons were wearing at Summerfest, but only if they raised them to be  ______________. As you consider how to fill in the blank, know that these sons were wearing T-shirts with statements on them that were, to say the least, foul. Not even close to being funny. And I can just imagine how proud Mom would be if her daughter brought one of these guys home to meet the family. Maybe the daughter has similar fashion “tastes.” Or maybe Mom herself. Or Dad: “Honey? Whatever happened to that nice boy you met at Summerfest? You know, the one with the doctorate in etymology whose T-shirt referred to his reproductive organ?”

Cost of dying; cost of living: A pack of cigarettes at Summerfest is $11, while, come January, a Powerball ticket is going to cost $2. And beer at Miller Park remains $6.75. Meanwhile, people still put a dollar in the Offertory collection at Mass and feel they’re doing the parish a favor.
Speaking of Miller Park, did someone instruct the Brewer batboys to put the lumber away once the Brewers build a five-run lead?

Costs you nothing: This is National Share a Sunset with Your Lover Month. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9Vgjzf_SyY