According to Catholic News Service:     “The Archdiocese of Atlanta has received a substantial gift from the estate of Margaret Mitchell’s nephew, Joseph, including a 50 percent share of the trademark and literary rights to “Gone With the Wind.”
    “The estate of Joseph Mitchell included a multimillion-dollar bequest to the archdiocese and the donation of his home in Atlanta.
    “One of two sons of Margaret Mitchell’s brother, Stephens, Joseph Mitchell died in October 2011. He was a member of the Cathedral of Christ the King and asked that, if possible, his donation assist the cathedral in a particular way.”
    “Rhett! Rhett! Send some of that to the Yankees in Milwaukee!”

    It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I’ve written, but we’ve witnessed the atrocity of the Sikh temple killings, the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate, and the end of the Olympics. Some thoughts:

    Violence: Bishop Richard Sklba, during an interview about the Sikh killings, talked about having seen “Dark Knight Rises”: “… not only the amount of violence in the film itself, but we were forced, because of the promos, to watch a half hour of trailers; they were all violent. Everyone of them was violent. So it just seems to me that this (the Sikh killings) is an occasion for parents, teachers, public school teachers and religious education teachers to ask ourselves to review and critique the amount of violence that is so taken for granted in our Western American culture.”

    Candidates as theologians: Come their Oct. 11 debate, which of these Catholics — Paul Ryan or Joe Biden — will have a better understand of and ability to explain Catholic social teaching?

    Plenty of time to prepare: At the recently completed Olympics, Gabon, Tajikistan and Montenegro each won more medals — one apiece — than the Vatican. If the pope can go to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day next year, why can’t the Vatican qualify someone for that city’s 2016 Olympics? 

    Sartorial celebration: There should be crowds at St. Vincent de Paul stores this Saturday as it is National Secondhand Wardrobe Day. I hope it wears on you.