I’ll admit it. Yes, I can certainly write a lot of big words, but when it comes to actually doing the things I talked about in my last blog, I have to be honest: I feel a little sick about it. 

Maybe it all stems to my years as a teenager, and walking into a mall by myself would be enough to cause me complete embarrassment and panic. Or maybe it’s my seriously low bank account, telling me that maybe I don’t have the resources to, say, watch a bull fight in Spain. Or, maybe it’s just that, like everyone I know out there (some are better hiding it than others, I’ve discovered) it just takes a lot out of us to make a change that we know in the end will be good for us.

OK, here is my first bucket list entry: Learn to rock climb.

I kind of became familiar with this type of activity when I saw Mission Impossible: 2 … nah, I’m lying. It’s when I saw The Princess Diaries. What appeals to me about this is the kind of determination that one must accumulate when doing it. While I can literally feel my arm and leg muscles burning just thinking about reaching and pulling myself up to dizzying heights, I can also begin to feel my mind clear just a little of everyday worries and overall expectations, feeling nothing except the chalk on my hands (if that’s what they actually use to grip) and the pull of the rope.

I have found an indoor climbing facility that will allow me to learn the in’s and out’s of rock climbing in six weeks, and later I’m invited to attend a one-day outdoor climbing adventure at Devil’s Lake. While the price to me seems a bit steep – $95 for a recent college graduate is a lot of money – I have a feeling it will definitely be worth it.

Since returning to “normal” life after the wedding, I’ve kind of felt as though life is at a bit of a standstill. No more do I have to come home after work and get wedding things done. Rather, I can slip into my PJ’s, make some dinner, drink some wine and just relax. The bad thing about this? I’ve actually had a lot of days where I’ve slipped into my PJ’s, made some dinner and drank some wine. I think I’ve got to stop letting my days go by exactly the same, and start living my life the way God intended.

Even if it means I’m way scared to do it.


Music playing while writing this: “Dylan’s Hard Rain” by Ryan Bingham