The end of the year brings with it the end of the “Grandma’s car” saga that began Dec. 3. The details are in my two previous posts.
Today, the ’95 Ford Escort with 157,976.1 miles on it is no longer mine. No, it didn’t get stolen again. There was no reason for anyone to steal it as I hadn’t replenished it with coins or aluminum cans, and there were only a couple of gallons of gas in the tank. Oh, I did learn that those who stole it were not into hygiene. They left the bottle of hand sanitizer behind.
We donated the Escort to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s National Vehicle Donation Program. Implemented earlier this month, the program will generate money to be used locally, i.e., by the council that serves the area from which the donation came, for food and medicine for those in need. For further information or to donate your vehicle, go to or call (800) 322-8284.
So, as this story ends, what could be more appropriate than one of the greatest car songs of all time: