MarkForBlogLooking back on previous blogs, it has been a long while since I have given a book review or recommendation, and I want to fix that today. This is a book that I had to read for an undergraduate History of Christianity class, although it has stuck with me since then, and is a remarkable story of faith through terrible ordeals. The title of the book is “He Leadeth Me” by Fr. Walter Ciszek with Daniel Flaherty.

It is the personal story of Fr. Ciszek’s faith through 23 years of Soviet labor camps and prisons in Siberia, and how that it was only through the utter reliance on God in which he was able to endure it. Through his personal prayer, he gained an “inner serenity” that he was able to draw upon amidst the “arrogance of evil” that surrounded him. “’He Leadeth Me’ is a book to inspire all Christians to greater faith and trust in God – even in their darkest hour.” This quotation is taken from the editorial review and product description on the webpage, where the book is available for purchase.

I encourage everybody to read this book; it is an incredible story of faith through persecution and suffering. I did ask my friend Jessica, who I know has also read the book, to write a short blurb on what she thought of it, and here is what she had to write about “He Leadeth Me.”

“Many of us walk through our lives, particularly our faith, full of questions and doubt, second guessing our choices and uncertain of what God really seeks from us. Sometimes we feel lacking in enthusiasm for what can seem mindless or repetitive tasks of religion in our fast-paced culture and racing minds. I know, personally, I found myself questioning the depth of a real living relationship with God and what it is to pursue his purpose and calling for my life. About that time I was invited into (Fr.) Walter J. Ciszek ‘s story when someone gifted me with the book, “He Leadeth Me.” From page one I could not stop, instantly drawn into this very open and honest journey of faith and obedience. In this book, (Fr.) Ciszek invites you into the daily thoughts, questions and doubts of a man who stepped out with faith to a calling, which in turn called for great sacrifice. In the pages of this book, I began to understand the importance of our acts of faith with a deeper understanding of the joy and peace we find in relationship with God. Though not imprisoned, I found I could relate to Ciszek. His story is compelling and incredible in understanding the struggles of faith that possibly a whole generation of people faced in one of the most grueling and horrific times on our world culture, and that we continue to face today. (Fr.) Ciszek’s words are really words of hope and inspiration, encouraging his reader to say yes to God’s calling.”    

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