Photo illustration by Phil Younk
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do little things well to do big things for god

Based on Nm 11:25-29; Jas 5:1-6; Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

“Anyone who is not against us is with us,” Jesus says after John reports that the apostles saw a man curing the sick in Jesus’ name and because they did not know him, they told him to stop.

Jesus tells the apostles, “Don’t try to keep anyone who is using my name from doing good. By their good acts they are showing their love for me. Anyone who does acts of kindness for my sake will be rewarded in heaven.”

What a wonderful promise!

God generously and freely offers his love to everyone. Each of us is special because he’s given us different talents and abilities to love and serve him and others.

With God’s grace, especially in the sacraments, we can live as children of God. Following Jesus’ example, we can share God’s love and goodness with others.

We’ve mentioned the saints before and some of the wonderful courageous things they did to show their love for God and others.

During Pope Francis’ visit to our country this week, he canonized Blessed Junipero Serra a saint on Wednesday, Sept. 23 – the first such canonization to take place on American soil. It was Fr. Serra, a Franciscan priest, who established the many California missions to help people grow in their faith.

On Oct. 1, we will celebrate the feast of St. Therese, the “Little Flower,” who did simple, small things for others without complaining and became a Carmelite sister. During the Synod on the Family, a meeting to be held at the Vatican, Oct. 4-25, Pope Francis is going to canonize St. Therese’s parents, Louis and Zélie Martin, as saints.

These saints did some pretty “big” things for God. But it’s important to remember we have to do “little” things well before we can do “big” things.

You can make a big difference in the lives of people around you. Some examples: help your mom unpack the groceries, help Dad clean out the garage, help your younger brother or sister get dressed, rake the lawn for Grandma and Grandpa, smile and visit an elderly neighbor, or talk to a classmate who is sitting alone at the playground.

Being kind to others is pleasing to God and the people about whom you care. Little acts of kindness do mean a lot.