Happy feast of St. Thomas — the Apostle and the Doubter. Although he is officially the patron saint of architects, more people probably relate to him as Catholicism’s most notorious doubter.

Thus, if you have, or have ever had, doubts, celebrate (y)our patron’s day.

No offense but an offense: Not participating in a scheduled fire drill Monday, June 29, for Cousins Center employees, including employees of entities that rent space in the building, were the employees of the Milwaukee Bucks, whose practice facility is located there. I was told that they were aware of the drill; there was no explanation for their non-participation.

The only thing I can figure is when it comes to fire drills the Bucks have no fastbreak offense. Or they do, but they felt no need to practice it. Whatever the reason, by ignoring the fire alarm, they committed a fastbreak offense.

Papal news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hc-v8CFJzu4.

Speaking of the pope, if you haven’t started reading his encyclical, “‘Laudato Si,’ On Care for Our Common Home,” click here to begin. If it appears overwhelming, I recommend starting with “A Prayer for Our Earth,” one of two prayers he wrote as part of the document.

God’s gift: If you are reading this in southeastern Wisconsin, thank God for the beautiful weather we are enjoying today, and are anticipating for the weekend.