MarkForBlogIt’s time for the monthly book review! The book this month is “God’s Choice: Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of the Catholic Church” by George Weigel. Published in November, 2005, just months after the election, it is an excellent look back at the death of Pope John Paul II and where the church was, and the election of Pope Benedict XVI and what the church has to look forward to.?

“After more than twenty-six years of John Paul II’s guidance, the Catholic Church is entering a new age, with its bedrock traditions intact but with pressing issues to address in a volatile and changing world.
“Beginning with the story of John Paul’s final months, “God’s Choice” offers a remarkable inside account of the conclave that produced Benedict XVI as the next pope, drawing on George Weigel’s unrivaled access to this complex event.?

“Reflecting on John Paul II’s greatness, painting an intimate portrait of the new pope, and boldly assessing the Church’s current condition, “God’s Choice” is an invaluable book for anyone seeking to understand the Catholic future and the larger human future the Church will help to shape.” – excerpt taken from the book description as listed on

This was an excellent look back for me as to all that was happening at that time in 2005. Looking at the church, which John Paul II left behind, both the good and the bad, George Weigel does an excellent job of piecing the daily history of what was happening in the Vatican with the overall view of the church as a whole. Reading this several years after the fact allows one to look at the chapter “Into the Future” with hindsight and to see if some of what Weigel talks about is coming to fruition, or if it has fallen to the wayside.

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