MarkForBlogWe have received some nice donations lately. I am not completely sure who has donated them, but they have given us some really nice DVDs. What was really nice is that there are about 25 DVDs on different saints and blessed persons. They are from a series hosted by Bob and Penny Lord, which is based on different books that they have written together. Maybe you have seen them as they appear weekly on EWTN.?

The nice thing about these DVDs is that many of them are on little-known saints, and, therefore, give us a broader range of DVDs. I have been growing the collection with many of the “bigger” names, but these are perfect for people wanting a half hour’s worth of information on saints like St. Dominic Savio, Blessed Margaret of Castello, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, etc. These will be added in the next week, so make sure to stop in and check them out.  ?

Now I do have to make mention of this, as March Madness begins, a good luck to our state teams in the tournament…go Marquette and Wisconsin. ?

This happens to be my favorite several weeks of the year. Fall is by far my favorite season, but this three-week stretch is excellent. The NCAA tournament, Opening Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the weather (usually) starts getting nicer, just makes for an enjoyable time of the year for me.

As always, if you have any ideas and comments for things I could change, let me know. If you have any books that you have read or have read the books I mention, please leave a comment. Comments are always appreciated. We here at Salzmann also want to know what people are reading. Anything I can do to make this better I will strive my best to accomplish.

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