Celebrate the gift of Catholic schools

By |2011-01-26T17:23:49-06:00Jan 26, 2011|Fr. Timothy Kitzke|

FrTimPhotoHappy the person who meditates on wisdom and reflects on knowledge. She will nourish him with the bread of understanding, and give him the water of learning to drink. He will lean upon her and not fall; he will trust in her and not be put to shame. She will exalt him above his fellows; and he will inherit an everlasting name.  (Sir 14:20; 15:3-5a, 6b)

We celebrate the gift of Catholic schools this week, a blessing on all who are part of a great system that holds the formation and education of our youth as a prime value! To the teachers, principals, administrators, support staffs, parents and guardians, to faithful, supportive parishioners, and most especially our students – a shout of joy and affirmation at your important place in the life of our church!

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