On Wednesday, Feb. 5, St. Joan of Arc and St. Jerome used their eighth-grade girls basketball game as a chance to give to others. The game was a rescheduled league game and was moved to a Wednesday night, when it would be the only game played in the St. Joan of Arc gym. Rather than treat this game like any ordinary game, St. Joan of Arc coach Steve Manne proposed the idea of making the game a little bit special and taking the opportunity to make it mean a little more. With the support of the principals from St. Joan of Arc and St. Jerome, all proceeds from the evening were donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Through promoting the event to both school communities and through the generosity of those in attendance, the schools were able to donate $305 to St. Jude. Manne said, “Our student-athletes are the bridge to a world filled with more peace, love, and tolerance. We’re better together.” In the image, students from both teams came together for a photo after the game wearing shirts to commemorate the game. The shirts bear a theme for St. Joan of Arc basketball this year: “HWJC?” which stands for “How Would Jesus Compete? Coach? Or Cheer?” (Submitted photo)