Editor’s Note: Because of an incorrect file, the listings that appeared in the Jan. 24 issue of the Catholic Herald were incorrect. The following is the updated listing.



 Catholic Central High School            262-763-1510

www.cchsnet.org                           Fax: 262-763-1509

148 McHenry St., Burlington, 53105

Prin: Bonnie Scholz, bscholz@cchsnet.org

Campus Min: Margot Hayes, mhayes@cchsnet.org; Beth Rydeski, erydeski@cchsnet.org

Enrollment: 140 students


 St. Mary’s Springs Academy             920-921-4870

www.smsacademy.org                        Fax: 920-922-7849 255 County Road K, Fond du Lac, 54937

Pres: Kelly Norton, knorton@smsacademy.org System Prin: Erin Flood, eflood@smsacademy.org Assoc Prin (PreK-5): Steve Kelnhofer,


Campus Min: Blaine Hechimovich, bhechimovich@smsacademy.org

Enrollment: 251 students


St. Joseph Catholic Academy

(PreK-12)                                       262-654-8651

www.sjcawi.org                                   Fax: 262-654-1615

Upper Campus (Grades 6-12): 2401 69th St., Kenosha, 53143

Lower Campus (Grades PreK-5): 7207 14th Ave., Kenosha, 53143

President/Prin High School: Robert Freund, 2401 69th St., Kenosha, 53143, 262-645-8651, rfreund@sjcawi.org

Prin (Preschool-Gr. 5): Kerstin Santarelli, 7207 14th Ave., Kenosha, 53143, 262-656-7360, ksantarelli@sjcawi.org

Middle School Prin: Matt Rizzo, 2401 69th St., Kenosha, 53143, 262-654-8651, ext. 120, mrizzo@sjcawi.org

Dir of Student Conduct: Whitney Witthun, wwitthun@sjcawi.org

Dir of Finance: Jean Fredrickson, jfredrickson@sjcawi.org

Dir of Development: Pauline McTernan, pmcternan@sjcawi.org

Dir of Athletics: Dave Witthun, dwitthun@sjcawi.org

Admissions: Jennifer Santelli, jsantelli@sjcawi.org; Molly Ryan, mryan@sjcawi.org

Enrollment: 725 students

Members: All Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie Parishes



Divine Savior Holy Angels

High School                                      414-462-3742

www.dsha.info                                   Fax: 414-466-0590

4257 N.100th St., Milwaukee, 53222 SISTERS OF THE DIVINE SAVIOR

President: Katie Konieczny, koniecznyk@dsha.info

Prin: Daniel Quesnell, quesnellD@dsha.info

Senior Vice Pres Finance & Admin: Sally Gramling, gramlingS@dsha.info

Chair of Theology: Lorna Grade, gradeL@dsha.info

Dir of Campus Ministry: Kathleen Cullen, cullenK@dsha.info

Academic Dean: Heather Moran Mansfield, mansfieldH@dsha.info

Dean of Student Affairs: Lara Geronime, geronimel@dsha.info

Enrollment: 687 girls

Dominican High School                        414-332-1170

www.dominicanhighschool.com                     Fax: 414-332-4101 120 E. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee, 53217


Head of School: Leanne Giese, legiese@dominicanhighschool.com

Dean of Academics: Edward Foy, efoy@dominicanhighschool.com


Bus Mgr: Mary Sue Braun, mbraun@dominicanhighschool.com

Dir of Admissions: Jonathan Friday, jfriday@dominicanhighschool.com

Dean of Students: Brian Geittmann, bgeittman@dominicanhighschool.com

Campus Min: Susan Celentani, scelentani@dominicanhighschool.com

Enrollment: 300 students

St. Anthony High School              414-763-6352

www.stanthonymilwaukee.org               Fax: 414-764-9467

4807 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee, 53207-5919

President: José Vásquez, vasquezj@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Vice Pres of Academic Affairs: Laura Gutierrez, gutierrezl@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Chief Operations Officer: Martha Andrade, andradem@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Lead Administrator: Chris Joch, jochc@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Associate Prin: Matthew St. Martin, stmartinm@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Registrar/Office Mgr: Millicent Glaeser, glaeserm@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Admissions Dir: Jennifer Cespedes, cespedesj@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Dept Chair of Theology/Campus Minister: James Schultz, schultzj@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Campus Minister: Deanna Love, loved@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Athletic Dir: Brian Geittmann, geittmannb@stanthonymilwaukee.org

Enrollment: 628 students

St. Joan Antida High School              414-272-8423

Fax: 414-272-3135

1341 N. Cass St., Milwaukee, 53202 SISTERS OF CHARITY OF ST. JOAN ANTIDA

Head of School: Marikris Coryell, mcoryell@saintjoanantida.org

Prin: Elizabeth Lingen, elingen@saintjoanantida.org

Dir of Admissions & Enrollment: Alexis Carter, acarter@saintjoanantida.org

Business Office Manger: Dioceline Estremera, destremera@saintjoanantida.org

Dir of Development & Communications: Joel Cencius, jcencius@saintjoanantida.org

Dir of Mission & Ministry: Sr. Elizabeth Weber, elizabeth@scja.org

Enrollment: 150 students (girls only)

Theology Dept Chairperson: Jamie Hillier, jhillier@saintjoanantida.org

Marquette University High School      414-933-7220

Fax: 414-937-8588

3401 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, 53208 SOCIETY OF JESUS

President: Rev. Michael Marco, SJ, marco@muhs.edu

Prin: Jeffrey Monday, monday@muhs.edu

Asst Prin of Academics: Fran Maloney, maloney@muhs.edu Dean of Students: Casey Kowalewski, kowalewski@muhs.edu Vice Pres Finance: Bert Duerrmeier, duerrmeier@muhs.edu Vice Pres Dev: John Thimmesch, thimmesch@muhs.edu

Vice President of Communications and Marketing: Scott Rudie,  rudie@muhs.edu                                       

Admissions Dir: Sean O’Brien, obrien@muhs.edu

Dir of Instruction: Megan Doering, doering@muhs.edu

Pastoral Dir: Paul Farrell, farrell@muhs.edu

Enrollment: 1028 boys

Messmer High School                 414-264-5440

www.messmerschools.org                    Fax: 414-264-0672

742 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, 53206

President: James Piatt, jpiatt@messmerschools.org Prin: Todd Willems, twillems@messmerschools.org Mission and Advancement Coord: Richard Anderson,


Dir of Guidance: Amy Gibson, agibson@messmerschools.org

Enrollment: 725 students

Pius XI Catholic High School             414-290-7000

www.piusxi.org                             Fax: 414-290-7001

135 N. 76th St., Milwaukee, 53213


Email: piusxi@piusxi.org

President: Jack Herbert, jherbert@piusxi.org

Prin: Mark Ostap, mostap@piusxi.org

Faith Formation Dir: Jason Gonzalez, jgonzalez@piusxi.org

Asst Prin: Kara Rogatzki, krogatzki@piusxi.org Admissions Dir: Jeanna Bunke, jbunke@piusxi.org Chief Financial Officer: Lynn Roskos, lroskos@piusxi.org

Chief Advancement Officer: Angela Reilly, areilly@piusxi.org

Enrollment: 800 students

St. Thomas More High School         414-481-8370

www.tmore.org                             Fax: 414-481-3382

2601 E. Morgan Ave., Milwaukee, 53207-3725

President: Mary McIntosh

Prin: Nicholas Kelly

Asst Prin/Dean of Students: Mary Christensen

Dir of Finance: Abby Falk Athletic Dir: John Hoch Recruitment: Lucas Thomas Enrollment: 532 students


St. Lawrence Seminary High School 920-753-7500

www.stlawrence.edu                        Fax: 920-753-7507

301 Church St., Mount Calvary, 53057


Rector: Rev. Zoy Garibay OFM Cap

Academic Dean/Prin: David Bartel, dbartel@stlawrence.edu Dean of Students: Kevin Buelow, kbuelow@stlawrence.edu Campus Minister: Br. Mitchell Frantz, OFM Cap,


Admissions Dept: Francisco Sauceda, fsauceda@stlawrence.edu

  • College-bound boarding high school for young men whose parents want to provide for them the opportunity to lay a foundation for a life of ministry in the church as priests, brothers or laymen.

Enrollment: 160


St. Catherine’s High School, a Siena Catholic School               262-632-2785

Fax: 262-632-5144

1200 Park Ave., Racine, 53403-1847

Pres: Brenda White, bwhite@sienacatholicschools.org

Prin: Betty Hunt, bhunt@saintcats.org

Dir of Admissions: Kory Wandrey, kwandrey@saintcats.org

Vice Pres of Finance: Nancy Kost, nkost@saintcats.org

Vice Pres of Advancement: Tim Weiss, tweiss@saintcats.org Campus Min: Fr. Allen Alexander, aalexander@saintcats.org Enrollment: 660 students (6th-12th Grades)


Catholic Memorial High School         262-542-7101

www.catholicmemorial.net                        Fax: 262-542-1633

601 E. College Ave., Waukesha, 53186-5538

President: Donna Bembenek, ext. 502, dbembenek@catholicmemorial.net

Prin: Laura Anderson, ext. 511, landerson@catholicmemorial.net

Campus Minister: Jonathan Brzeski, ext. 521, jbrzeski@catholicmemorial.net

Dean of Students: Steve Plechaty, ext. 512, splechaty@catholicmemorial.net

Athletics Dir: Greg Gamalski, ext. 541, ggamalski@catholicmemorial.net

Dir of Finance & Human Resources: Dawn Keller, ext. 571, dkeller@catholicmemorial.net

Dir of Admissions: Julie Lindahl, ext. 551, jlindahl@catholicmemorial.net

Dir of Development: Jessica Mulligan, ext. 561, jmulligan@catholicmemorial.net

Enrollment: 700 students


Cristo Rey Jesuit High School                 414-436-4600


1215 S. 45th St, West Milwaukee, 53214 SOCIETY OF JESUS

Pres: Andrew Stith, ext. 113, astith@cristoreymilwaukee.org

Prin: Luke Harrison, ext. 133, lharrison@cristoreymilwaukee.org

Dir of Admissions: Betty Suarez, ext. 132, bsuarez@cristoreymilwaukee.org

Dir of Finance and Operations: Maricruz Talavera-Pettis, ext. 240, mtalavera@christoreymilwaukee.org

Development Dir: Tracy Josetti, ext. 120, tjosetti@cristoreymilwaukee.org

Vice Pres for Strategic Growth: Fr. Bill Johnson, SJ, ext. 112, bjohnson@cristoreymilwaukee.org

Corporate Work Study Program Dir: Joe Mazza, ext. 110, jmazza@cristoreymilwaukee.org

Enrollment: 394 Students (9th-12th grades)



St. Mary’s Springs Academy

(PreK-12)                                  920-924-0993


255 County Road K, Fond du Lac, 54937

Business Office: 920-921-4870, ext. 8009

Administration Office: 920-921-4870, ext. 8056

Admin Fax: 920-922-7849

PreK-5 Fax: 920-921-5908

Gr. 6-12 Fax: 920-921-1286

President: Kelly Norton, knorton@smsacademy.org

Prin (Pre-5): Steve Kelnhofer, skelnhofer@smsacademy.org

Prin (6-12): Julie Shively, jshively@smsacademy.org

Dir of Campus Ministry: Blaine Hechimovch, bhechimovich@smsacademy.org

Dir of Student Life: Kasey Smith Enrollment Coord: Kelly Mueuer Dev Office: Katie Tank

Dir of Bus Op: Barbara Loehr Dir of IT: Ryan Miller Athletic Dir: Greg Hoffman


All Saints Catholic School (K4-8)        262-925-4000

www.allsaintskenosha.org                     Fax: 262-925-0399

South Campus: 7400 39th Ave., Kenosha, 53142 North Campus: 4400 22nd Ave., Kenosha, 53140 Phone: 262-948-4000

Fax: 262-925-4030

Prin: Jacqueline Lichter, jlichter@allsaintskenosha.org

Members: All Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie Parishes

St. Joseph Catholic Academy

(PreK-12)                                 262-654-8651

www.sjcawi.org                             Fax: 262-654-1615

Upper Campus (Grades 6-12): 2401 69th St., Kenosha, 53143

Lower Campus (Grades PreK-5): 7207 14th Ave., Kenosha, 53143

President/Prin High School: Robert Freund, 2401 69th St., Kenosha, 53143, 262-645-8651, rfreund@sjcawi.org

Prin (Preschool-Gr. 5): Kerstin Santarelli, 7207 14th Ave., Kenosha, 53143, 262-656-7360, ksantarelli@sjcawi.org

Middle School Prin: Matt Rizzo, 2401 69th St., Kenosha, 53143, 262-654-8651, ext. 120, mrizzo@sjcawi.org

Dir of Student Conduct: Whitney Witthun, wwitthun@sjcawi.org

Dir of Finance: Jean Fredrickson, jfredrickson@sjcawi.org

Dir of Development: Pauline McTernan, pmcternan@sjcawi.org

Dir of Athletics: Dave Witthun, dwitthun@sjcawi.org

Admissions: Jennifer Santelli, jsantelli@sjcawi.org; Molly Ryan, mryan@sjcawi.org

Enrollment: 725 students

Members: All Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie Parishes


Holyland Catholic School                920-795-4222

www.holylandcatholicschool.com              Fax: 920-795-4126

Admin Office: N9290 County W, Malone, 53049

Prin: Rick Erickson

School Sites: St. John the Baptist School (PS-3 Yr. to Gr. 8), N9290 County W, Malone, 53049, 920-795-4222

Members: St. Isidore the Farmer Parish, Mount Calvary; St. Mary Parish, Marytown; St. John the Baptist Parish, Johnsburg


Catholic East Elementary            414-964-1770

www.catholiceast.org                      Fax: 414-964-6578

2461 N. Murray Ave., Milwaukee, 53211

Campuses: SS. Peter and Paul School, 2461 N. Murray Ave., Milwaukee, 53211, 414-964-1770; Holy Rosary School,

2038 N. Bartlett Ave., Milwaukee, 53202

Prin: Jennifer Jones, jjones@catholiceast.org

Members: Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, St. Mary (Old) Parish, Our Lady of Divine Providence Parish, SS. Peter and Paul Parish, Three Holy Women Parish

Seton Catholic Schools                  414-831-8400

Seton Catholic Schools Staff:

President: Vacant

Chief Academic Officer: William H. Hughes, Ph.D., 414-831-8450,     bhughes@setoncatholicschools.org

Dir of Curriculum and Instruction: Leni Dietrich, 414-831-8451,      ldietrich@setoncatholicschools.org

Chief Financial Officer: Cathy Cramer, 414-831-8410, ccramer@setoncatholicschools.org

Dir of Campus Ministry: Eamonn O’Keefe, 414-831-8462, eokeeffe@setoncatholicschools.org


 Mary Queen of Saints

Catholic Academy                         414-476-0751


1435 S. 92nd St., West Allis, 53214

Prin: Micahel Derrick, derrick@mgscateacher.org

Northwest Catholic School              414-352-6927

http://www.nwcschool.org/                 Fax: 414-760-1037

Lower Campus: 7140 N. 41st St., Milwaukee, 53209, 414-352-6927

Prin: Michelle Paris, mparis@setoncatholicschools.org

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Catholic School                           414-672-6660

https://www.olqpmke.org/Domain/4        Fax: 414-672-2739

2733 W. Euclid Avenue, Milwaukee, 53215

Prin: Janet Orlowski, jorlow@olqpstaff.org

Prince of Peace School                   414-645-4922

http://www.princeofpeaceschool.org           Fax: 414-645-4940

22nd St. Campus: 1646 S. 22nd St., Milwaukee, 53204 25th St. Campus: 1114 S. 25th St., Milwaukee, 53204 Prin: Patti Blaszczyk, blaszczykp@princeofpeaceschool.org

St. Catherine School                         414-445-2846

http://www.saintcatherine.org                    Fax: 414-445-0448

2647 N. 51st St., Milwaukee, 53210

Prin: Michelle Paris, mparis@setoncatholicschools.org

St. Charles Borromeo Parish School 414-282-0767

http://www.scbmil.org/school/index.htm    Fax:  414-817-9605

3100 W. Parnell Avenue, Milwaukee, 53221

Prin: Courtney Albright, calbright@sbcmil.org

St. Martin of Tours School                      414-425-9200


Fax: 414-425-2527

7933 S. 116th St., Franklin, 53132

Prin: Rob Beckmann

St. Rafael the Archangel School               414-645-1300


South Campus: 2251 S. 31st St., Milwaukee, 53215

Fax: 414-645-1415

North Campus: 2075 S. 32nd St., Milwaukee, 53215

Phone: 414-643-6090

Fax: 414-383-1836

Prin: Amy Barbiaux, abarbiaux@strafael.org

St. Roman Parish School                       414-282-7970

https://www.stromanschool.com/                Fax: 414-282-5140

1810 W. Bolivar Avenue, Milwaukee, 53221

Prin: Susan Shawver, sshawver@stromans.com

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy                 414-744-1214

http://www.thomasaquinasacademy.com/ Fax:  414-744-8340

341 E. Norwich St., Milwaukee, 53207

Prin: Frank Edgeworth, fedgeworth@setoncatholicschools.org


All Saints Catholic School                      262-864-3013

1481 172nd Ave., Union Grove, 53182 (K-8)

Prin: Jacqueline Lichter

Members: St. John the Baptist Parish, Paris; St. Francis Xavier Parish, Brighton; St. Mary Parish, Kansasville; St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, Union Grove


St. John XXIII Catholic School             262 284-2682

www.portcatholic.org                       Fax: 262-284-5408 1802 N. Wisconsin St., Port Washington, 53074

Prin: Kristine Klein

Exec Dir: Marisol Salazar

Lower Campus: 446 Johnson St., Port Washington, 53074

Phone: 262-284-2441

Upper Campus: 1802 N. Wisconsin St., Port Washington, 53074

Phone: 262-284-2682


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Catholic School                            920-452-1571


814 Superior Ave., Sheboygan, 53081

Prin: Regina Brown

Members: Holy Name of Jesus Parish, St. Clement Parish, St. Dominic Parish


Waukesha Catholic                       262-896-2929

Fax: 262-896-2934

Members: St. John Neumann Parish, St. Joseph Parish, St. Mary Parish, St. William Parish

Administrative Office: 221 S. Hartwell Ave., Waukesha, 53186

Prin: Lisa Kovaleski, ext. 1318, lkovaleski@waukeshacatholic.org

St. Joseph Middle School Campus: 818 N. East Ave., Waukesha, 53186

Phone: 262-896-2930

Fax: 262-896-2935

Assoc Prin: Joseph Heinecke, jheinecke@waukeshacatholic.org St. Mary Campus: 520 E. Newhall Ave., Waukesha, 53186 Phone: 262-896-2932

Fax: 262-896-2931

Assoc Prin: Lori Suarez, lsuarez@waukeshacatholic.org

St. William Campus: 444 N. Moreland Blvd., Waukesha, 53188

Phone: 262-896-2920

Fax: 262-896-2925


Wauwatosa Catholic School        414-258-9977

Fax: 414-258-9972

1500 Wauwatosa Ave., Wauwatosa, 53213

Prin: Lori Suarez, ext. 110 , principal@wauwatosacatholic.org

School Secy: Kathy Glembin, ext. 108, schooloffice@wauwatosacatholic.org

Members: St. Bernard Parish, Wauwatosa; St. Pius X Parish, Wauwatosa