Bonnie Zamorski is the director of operations at Chesterton Academy in Menomonee Falls. (Photo by Larry Hanson)

When Bonnie Zamorski was working at Pro-Life Wisconsin, her office sat kitty-corner across the street from the original location of Chesterton Academy. Knowing the small, fledgling school needed help with its bookkeeping, she would often come over on her lunch break to do the work.

It kind of seemed pre-ordained that Zamorski, who has been the director of operations for four years at Chesterton, was meant to end up at the school that now occupies the former St. Anthony School building in Menomonee Falls.

“I felt a calling,” Zamorski said of moving to Chesterton after 12 ½ years with Pro-Life Wisconsin. “I thought I was done with schools. I had done that. God has a funny sense of humor sometimes.”

Debbie Branecky, the manager of admissions and college advising for Chesterton, is the person Zamorski credits for her being there.

“Before we even opened our school doors in fall of 2016, I told the board that I knew the perfect person for this position, with all the skills and dedication needed for such an important role as director of school operations,” Branecky said. “I have known her since we became friends 25 years ago, when each of our eldest children were in kindergarten together at our parish school.”

At a small high school like Chesterton, which has grown from 35 to 54 to 90 students in the last two years, Zamorski’s role necessitates that she has her fingers in just about everything happening in the building.

“I do a lot of everything,” she said, noting that among her tasks are office administration, finance and organizing the building maintenance. “Anything that needs to be done.”

Chesterton Headmaster Eric DeMeuse describes Zamorski as “incredibly organized,” efficient and able to prioritize her tasks.

“Bonnie is a joyful witness to co-workers, parents and students. She is incredibly service-oriented, always looking out for what needs to be done,” DeMeuse said. “She is the one who plans our annual formal gala, but she is also the one you will often find vacuuming and scrubbing floors around the school. She does all the little things, and she does them with great love and commitment.”

Branecky described Zamorski as a person of deep faith and character, and someone who is cheerful and welcoming.

“Bonnie keeps the school running in top-notch order, making sure the school is a safe environment and that we meet all state regulations and reporting requirements,” Branecky said. She also puts in countless hours beyond normal working hours to support this amazing place to work and attend school. Our entire administrative team, faculty and school families are so grateful to her for sharing her incredible talents with us.”

In her spare time, Zamorski, a member of St. Mary Parish in Waukesha, likes hiking, camping, gardening, playing with her grandson and bicycling. She has hiked at Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, along with other national parks in the western United States. She is also a volunteer for Women of Christ, which will hold its live conference on Saturday, Nov. 6, at the Washington County Fair Park.

However, there is something that keeps her energized to report to Chesterton every morning.

“The people I work with are amazing,” Zamorski said. “There are such wonderful students and families here. (I know) I’m supporting such a wonderful, Christ-centered place and seeing it make a difference in the lives of students and families.”

And DeMeuse said he is glad she has shared her gifts and talents with the Chesterton community.

“Bonnie daily reminds me that the greatest works in life are those that are hidden and unnoticed — the simple, ordinary and often mundane tasks,” DeMeuse said. “Everyone sees the face of a clock but few see the inner workings of the wheels and springs, the stuff that really makes it work. Bonnie is that force at Chesterton Academy — the one who really makes everything work and flow smoothly. Words can’t describe her role here.”