This is the seventh in a series of articles introducing the 17 members of the Archdiocesan Synod Implementation Commission (ASIC). In addition to this group.

Deacon Mark Jansen and Brenda Cline share a bond. Each is deeply involved in parish ministry and each is a member of ASIC. Each also understands where implementation of the 2014 Archdiocesan Synod priorities begins: with them.

“Intentional discipleship is really true; as we look at parishes and their members, this (intentional discipleship) will evolve into Catholic identity,” said Deacon Jansen, who ministers at Holy Angels Parish, West Bend.

“When people in the pews see renewed love for the Mass and sacraments, maybe others will see that joy in people who go to Mass,” Deacon Jansen said.

As for the work of ASIC in particular and implementation of the synod priorities during the coming year, he said a key will be the amount of energy ASIC and parish leaders invest.

Mark Jansen

“If people see energy – in preaching, in preparation, in liturgy … if people see enthusiasm for the church, they’ll want to find out what it’s about,” Deacon Jansen said, adding, “Leadership is going to be important.”

He emphasized that getting people to understand what the Mass is about is critical to evangelization.

I hope they experience that Mass is so many things; we receive the Body of Christ – that is life,” Deacon Jansen said. “People will realize they experience life through the Eucharist.”

Cline, parish director at St. Joseph, Grafton, concurred.

Brenda Cline

“We have richness in the Eucharist, but through busyness, that richness can be lost,” she said.

Cline said that being able to “break open the Eucharist for people” is part of faith formation.”

“We can help people understand (what Eucharist means),” she said, noting “It starts with ourselves.”

A small group leader at the synod, Cline said she was pleasantly surprised by how powerful the synod event was.”

“It was a monumental moment for our archdiocese,” she said. “The Upper Room is a great analogy; we can’t forget what brought us to this moment.”

Cline said she is encouraged that, as a result of the synod, “there is a unifying element that all Catholics in southeastern Wisconsin can get behind.”

“We can bring ideas out and accomplish them,” she said. “This (“Filled with the Holy Spirit,” the archdiocesan synodal declaration) is an active, living document with active, living people.”