p.1AHYINGORDO_MG_8122Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki places the miter on the head of Bishop Donald J. Hying, a symbol of the office of bishop. A miter is a hat worn at solemn liturgical functions by bishops, abbots and, in certain cases, other clerics. More photos of the ordination can be viewed and purchased at http://photos.chnonline.org. (Catholic Herald photo by Kevin Pauly)MILWAUKEE — Bishop Donald J. Hying couldn’t help but compare the 100-degree record setting temperatures on the day of his ordination as auxiliary, Wednesday, July 20, to the “40 below 0” (more accurately single digit) temperatures in Milwaukee on the day of Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki’s installation as archbishop of Milwaukee.

Perhaps, he reasoned in remarks after he was presented as the newly ordained bishop, “Archbishop Listecki is really cool” or maybe, “God wants me to sweat from the very beginning.”

The day was warm, acknowledged Archbishop Listecki in closing remarks at the nearly two hour and 15 minute afternoon Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, but it was “wonderfully warm, both in terms of temperatures, but also warm in terms of the heart.”

Archbishop Listecki, principal ordaining bishop, was joined by assisting ordaining bishops, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York, and Milwaukee auxiliary Bishop Richard J. Sklba in ordaining Bishop Hying the seventh auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Among the dignitaries in the 700-member congregation were Archbishop James M. Harvey, a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, who since 1998 has served as Prefect of the Papal Household, Bishop William P. Callahan of La Crosse, Bishops David Ricken, Robert Banks and Robert Morneau of Green Bay and Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison and nine other bishops from the Midwest, about 140 priests, about 35 deacons and about 35 seminarians.

Making another reference to the weather, Archbishop Listecki began Mass by apologizing to the gathering. “I prayed to God for a warm reception (for our new bishop). I apologize for overpraying.”

Archbishop Listecki welcomed Archbishops Harvey and Dolan, both of whom were greeted with applause.

Barbara Anne Cusack, archdiocesan chancellor, read the mandate from Pope Benedict XVI, dated May 26, 2011, appointing Bishop Hying as auxiliary for the archdiocese. Archbishop Listecki invited the congregation to affirm the pope’s selection, and the congregation responded with more than a minute of applause.

Calling the day a proud day for the whole church, Archbishop Listecki directed his homily toward Bishop Hying, calling on him to use “divine resignation” in other words, resign himself to the divine will of God. A bishop must represent transformative love, said Archbishop Listecki, asking his auxilary to employ three qualities in his ministry: docility, generosity and holiness, and to take comfort in the words of Blessed John Paul II, “Be not afraid.”

Following his ordination and introduction as an auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese, Bishop Hying, escorted by master of ceremonies, Fr. James Lobacz, Archbishop Dolan and Bishop Sklba, walked through the cathedral blessing the congregation.

He then individually thanked Archbishops Harvey, Dolan, Listecki, Bishop Sklba as well as his brother bishops, the choirs, priests, deacons and laity gathered for the occasion.

p1B-07-20-11-CHN-45Bishop Donald J. Hying blesses the congregation at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Milwaukee, on Wednesday, July 20 during the “presentation of the newly ordained bishop” during his ordination Mass. (Catholic Herald photo by Allen Fredrickson)One of the first gifts he received after being appointed a bishop, said Bishop Hying, was an episcopal ring from Archbishop Dolan. It was one of his favorite rings, said Bishop Hying.

“I remember seeing it many times on his finger and thinking ‘that’s a really cool ring,’” he said, adding he never imagined it would one day belong to him as a bishop.

As he approaches his episcopacy, Bishop Hying said he will live by his motto, “Love never fails.”

Those words have special meaning for him, he said, dating to his three years at the archdiocesan sister parish in the Dominican Republic.

His first year at the mission parish was very challenging, he said, especially since he did not know Spanish.

Every morning when he awoke, he said two things to himself: “That which will not kill me will make me stronger,” and “love never fails.”

“Love always wins,” said Bishop Hying.

In remarks to the media following the Mass, Bishop Hying said, “I hope I can be a true servant to the archbishop as well as a priest and leader of the archdiocese serving the people, especially the poor, those who may feel marginalized or alienated from the church or from society — to really be a sign of Christ’s love for all people as the ordination ritual so beautifully expresses.”

Calling the experience humbling and overwhelming, Bishop Hying said during the Mass he found himself “wondering is this really me, is this really happening? I think God always picks the most unlikely person to show that it is his power, his grace at work in us.

“I feel humbled, but also empowered by the Holy Spirit at the same time,” he said.

As he looks forward to his role as bishop, he said he will follow advice from Archbishops Listecki and Dolan.

“Both said at different times, to just be yourself, while everything around you is going to change, don’t become somebody else, be yourself. That’s great advice because it allows you to relax and be yourself,” he said.

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