St. Matthew School in Oak Creek was unable to hold its annual golf outing in the spring of 2020 due to the pandemic. Since the event is one of the school’s main sources of fundraising, the budget for the school year was not able to cover all of the things needed, such as funding to improve COVID-19 safety protocols, and obtaining an AED machine for their athletic teams and technology upgrades for the students.

Kelly Stefanich, the principal at St. Matthew, said they were lucky that the Home and School Association created a reserve over the past few years that they were able to draw from for the school year.

On Saturday, June 5, St. Matthew was able to bring back the golf outing. Stefanich said, “The golf outing raised the most money that it has to date. It makes a great impact on our students through programming and athletics.”

This is due to a generous donation by an organization called CanvasPrints. One of the parent volunteers at St. Matthew’s reached out to CanvasPrints and they provided the school with a gift certificate that they used to make golf prints that were then auctioned off at the golf outing.

The money raised from the event will be used to purchase the AED machine, Stefanich said. The school will also dedicate funds to purchase Chromebooks for the students. Fortunately, most of the COVID safety protocols needed were covered through Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools funding, which Stefanich explained they did not know about when planning the golf outing.

Stefanich said, “We could not continue to provide a quality Catholic education to our students without partnerships with members of our community.”

St. Matthew in Oak Creek will use some of the proceeds from its annual golf outing to purchase an AED machine for its athletic teams. (Submitted photo)