MILWAUKEE — Saving lives took only 40 minutes of the day for St. Anthony students and administrators, from the time they filled out the paperwork to the time they returned to class. That’s how little time it took each participant to donate a pint of blood during a recent blood drive at the school.

On April 29 the Blood Center of Wisconsin set up its equipment in the school’s gym for the second annual drive at the high school on Milwaukee’s south side.

The program was the biggest event of the year for the campus ministry, according to Jim Schultz, theology teacher, adding, “The kids really rallied behind it.”

Last year 43 students participated in the event, saving more than 120 lives with their donations. This year 66 sophomores, juniors and seniors and 10 faculty members participated, saving more than 200 lives.

According to the Blood Center of Wisconsin, each donated pint is equivalent to three units of blood.

“It’s a great opportunity for young people to help the community locally and nationally,” Schultz said. “It teaches the students to be contributors to society.”

He added that he hopes the event keeps growing.

“We’re looking to get better next year,” he said.