When Katy Conners’ son Jack was just a baby, she started to get to know other mothers in the area who were looking for friends their children could socialize with as well as the mothers.

Conners said, “I am a coordinator person. We have been through meeting at people’s houses to meeting at Sacred Heart in the gym.”

While that sounded like a good idea, they ran into financial issues because of required insurance costs. They had to cancel the group, which was disappointing.

Even though their meeting dates got cancelled, Conners decided she was going to try something else that would still grab the attention of Catholic mothers, but could be a little more flexible. She decided to start a Facebook group, eventually called Milwaukee Catholic Mamas to connect with mothers in a more convenient way for busy parents.

Conners had a vision. She said, “If only I had a trinity of women who could help me find the best [events].”

Not only does Milwaukee Catholic Mamas connect through Facebook, but the group also connects in other ways when the chance arises.

Conners and the group plan outings, play dates, and other events for parents and their children to get to know each other and discuss their challenges and blessings of being mothers in a Christian community.

Milwaukee Catholic Mamas is a solid Catholic community, but they do stress the importance of allowing anyone to communicate with them, as well.

“People have found a home here where they might not feel at other places,” Conners said.

Milwaukee Catholic Mamas keeps growing and growing, as their enrollment is now at around 2,300 mamas. For something that started as a small, casual idea, it has blossomed into an environment where mothers can talk about their faith, ask questions, share concerns and make connections with other moms and children for social events.

The MCM Facebook page has also evolved in a way that people can post comments and questions without fearing that they will be judged or looked down upon.

Conners said, “Not everyone is walking in our shoes, and we have to be aware, and kind, and considerate and loving to other people. We have to realize that they might have different opinions, but they are also coming from a different place than we are.”

Milwaukee Catholic Mamas has so much to offer for families in any kind of situation.

If you are in need of help or are searching to share your experiences as a Catholic/Christian parent, Milwaukee Catholic Mamas can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/milwaukeecatholicmamas.