Catholic Memorial High School seniors received more than $18.9 million in college scholarship offers, an average of more than $130,600 per student. The awards were among many given to the graduates of the Class of 2021 at the senior awards celebration and graduation ceremony.

“The value of investing in a Catholic Memorial education has never been more evident. Colleges and universities are taking note of the incredible accomplishments of our students and making financial investments in their futures,” said Donna Bembenek, president of Catholic Memorial High School. “The recruitment and acceptance of our students into top-tier universities and programs is not solely based on good grades in an academically rigorous school, it is also based on the track record of success of our graduates year after year. This year’s seniors faced challenges and persevered. They modeled to us all what it means to rise above and press on. We are truly proud of every one of them and know they will do amazing things moving forward.”

Among the Catholic Memorial Class of 2021:

  • 96 percent will attend a technical, two- or four-year college or university.
  • 3 National Merit Finalists. (a national recognition only 15,000 students out of 1.5 million students)
  • Class median GPA of 3.75.
  • 42 percent of students were on the honor roll every semester of high school. (3.5 GPA or higher)
  • 11 students earned full-tuition scholarships.
  • Nine students received early admittance to the Honors program at their universities.
  • 21 students earned scholarships for athletics, nine of them to Division I schools.
  • Four students are enlisting in the military to serve our country.

In addition to the scholarships awarded to the graduates, Catholic Memorial students will also benefit from college and university credits granted for their work in the International Baccalaureate Program, Advanced Placement Assessments, Concurrent Enrollment credits, Project Lead the Way STEM courses and internship experiences.

“Our graduates are accepted to top-ranked universities and colleges, many of them even enter college with second semester freshman or sophomore status,” said Bembenek. “College credits earned in high school saves money, provides priority to our graduates when registering for in-demand college courses and gives them first options for dorm rooms. The benefit of earning so many college credits in high school are numerous.”

CMH graduates will attend 68 top universities and colleges across the U.S., including: Brown University, Washington University, United States Air Force Academy, the University of Wisconsin, the Ohio State University, Marquette University, the University of Rochester, Purdue University, Baylor University, University of Alabama, Belmont University and the University of St. Thomas, among others.