The Good News is being spread in a new way.

Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki has begun to offer a brief weekly video message called “The Good News” to Catholics of the 10-county Archdiocese of Milwaukee and beyond.

Follow or check out the Archdiocese of Milwaukee on Facebook or Instagram to see and share “The Good News.” It also can be found on the archdiocese’s website at

It also may appear in other places, as Archbishop Listecki would like his messages spread far and wide.

“I wanted to offer a short, weekly message of faith and encouragement to help Catholics more fully live their faith,” he said.

In the first video, released Feb. 22, Archbishop Listecki talks about how the first archbishop in Wisconsin had to travel around the state by horseback to stay in touch with his flock.

“I have the luxury of social media,” he notes. “I can encounter you via this media and be able to expand on the wonderful message that Jesus gives to all of us, a simple message but direct: Love one another.”