Respect Life Month

Bishop Donald J. Hying of the Diocese of Madison will be the featured speaker at the Pro-Life Wisconsin Gala on Thursday, Oct. 22. (File photo)

Bishop Donald J. Hying, bishop of the Diocese of Madison and former auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee, frequently posts about the sanctity of human life on his Twitter account.

On a recent post, he writes: “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I consecrated you.” (Jeremiah 1:5)

He also posted the poem, “By the Babe Unborn,” written by G.K. Chesterton, on his Twitter feed.

It is no wonder the staunch proponent of life was asked to speak at the 28th Annual Pro-Life Wisconsin Gala. The event will be held Thursday, Oct. 22, at the new Brookfield Conference Center, 325 S Moorland Road, Brookfield. The gala is Pro-Life Wisconsin’s primary fundraiser and proceeds go toward operations and the Pro-Life Wisconsin Education Task Force.

According to Pro-Life Wisconsin State Director Dan Miller, Bishop Hying was the perfect choice and having him speak harkens to their early days, when Pro-Life Wisconsin was known for bringing in local clergy and ordinaries for speaking on life issues.

“We are just so happy he accepted to be our keynote speaker. He is an awesome speaker and we decided on him last year before this virus was ever an inkling,” he said. “As our spiritual director and the Bishop of the Madison Diocese, Bishop Hying, is known throughout the state and world as a pro-life champion for his unwavering support of all human life and our religious freedoms. He brings in his own profound perspective as he speaks of the sanctity of life, and most especially the preborn.”

Bishop Hying said he plans to focus on the miracle of life in his upcoming talk.

“I want to focus on this precious miracle, as God has created us in his image and likeness,” he said. “If an unborn child could speak, wouldn’t they say, ‘Let me be born. Let me walk, dance, sing and play. Let me love God, know Jesus, pray and make my contribution to the world. Let me fall in love and know truth, beauty and goodness.’ All of life is sacred and that sacredness begins at the moment of conception. What a gift every human being is.”

Registrations are filling up quickly for the event that normally brings 500-700 pro-life individuals. This new facility has a capacity for 1,200, but Miller said they are capping the registrations at 500 to allow for moderate spacing between tables. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry and at each table, as well. Babies in arms/laps/strollers are welcome and are free.

“Normally, we sit 10 to a table, but now we are planning for six, but if there is a family who wants to sit together, we can add additional seating at the table,” Miller said. “We will also have an area where people can wear a mask if they want to. If attendees don’t want to wear a mask, that is fine, too. The governor’s recent mandate states that while you are indoors you are supposed to wear a mask, but we will be eating and drinking, and you can’t wear a mask for that. The governor’s mandate expires Sept. 28, but we are fairly certain there will be a phase two coming forth.”

The venue includes free parking and plenty of space to visit with pro-life friends. The ballroom offers 24,000 square feet, 8,000 square feet in the atrium, and eight cash bars strategically located to accommodate guests with their favorite beverage. Complimentary Leinenkugel’s beer and wine will be available during the social hour.

“We are one of the very few organizations in the Midwest that are actually following through on an in-person gala like this,” said Miller. “The whole virtual gatherings are getting old and as much money as it might save in air fare and other things, there is no replacement for the human touch. Human beings are social persons and it has been proven time and time again with babies in the crib, if they are not picked up and held by somebody, they will die. We need to see and visit with each other in person.”

Menu choices include roasted chicken with basil cream, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil drizzle; Atlantic salmon encrusted with parmesan, parsley and breadcrumbs and finished with horseradish cream; portabella tower with marinated portabella mushrooms; zucchini and summer squash; or a child’s dinner.

“The dinner will be excellent, they give very generous portions and when we went to taste test the whole thing, it was very good,” said Miller. “They are wonderful people at the Brookfield Conference Center. This will be their first event there and we have invited President Trump and Vice-President Pence to come. I am not sure if it will happen, but we would love to have them.”

Pro-Life Wisconsin Gala

Thursday, Oct. 22

Brookfield Conference Center, 325 S Moorland Road, Brookfield

Social Hour: 5:30 p.m.

Dinner: 6:30 p.m.

For questions, call 262-796-1111, ext. 110 or email

Registration available online: