Two well-known names in Milwaukee sports media have gone from talking to and about Christian Yelich to talking to and about Christians. Catholics, to be specific.

Tom Pipines (left) and Steve “Homer” True have started a video podcast series called “My Faith with Homer and Pip,” which can be seen on YouTube. (Submitted photo)

Tom Pipines and Steve “Homer” True, well-known sports media personalities in the Milwaukee area for several decades, started up a new venture this past fall, a video podcast series available on YouTube called, “My Faith with Homer and Pip.”

While their dozen or so guests have not been exclusively Catholic, the vast majority of their dozen or so episodes have been with Catholics.

Pipines has been Catholic since the early 2000s and is a member of Queen of Apostles in Pewaukee, while True taught religious education for more than 30 years and is a member of St. Pius in Wauwatosa.

It was True who approached Pipines with the idea for the series.

“I was very enthused about it,” Pipines said. “I was interested in knowing about people’s faith and why it’s important to them. How did it start and the journey from there. At this stage in life, I think we talked about embracing my faith, particularly in my retirement years, and it just seemed right in the wheelhouse, and I think it’s a real blessing for me. Our friendship has grown closer because of it.”

True said it was pretty easy to get Pipines to sign on to the project.

“I didn’t have to give him much (of a sales pitch); he goes to church all the time,” True said. “He’s a better Catholic than I am.”

“He said to me it’s amazing how people with faith seem to be able to take a step forward every day,” Pipines said.

The videos are usually around 20 minutes long and they usually are filmed on Thursday mornings by their videographer, Brent Yunk.

Two of the more powerful episodes to date involve Dennis Nelson and his path to forgiving the man who set his mother’s house on fire, killing her, and former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young, who turned down a monetary settlement despite some medical problems with her son.

While there is still a small audience for the series, Pipines is eager to get the word out, noting that the most-viewed podcasts in the series have between 200 and 250 views at the moment.

“If it encourages one person in their faith walk, it’s worth it,” Pipines said. “We’re just hanging out. The good Lord will bring us people with tremendous stories to share.”

Working in a smaller market like Milwaukee enabled Pipines and True to build a friendship even when they were working for competing entities, trying to get the same interviews and stories week after week and year after year.

“You cross paths,” Pipines said. “I’ve always found the people here get along very well. Everybody wants to do their job and do it to the best of their ability. This has kind of brought us closer together. I’m very grateful for it.”

Their years of experience in front of the camera and microphone has been a blessing and aided the duo as they try to make their guests feel comfortable.

“We both love the Lord,” Pipines said. “We’ve been blessed to have this media thing. When the camera comes on, obviously we’re comfortable.”

If you or someone you know would make a strong guest for the series, you can contact Pipines at or True at