So, our lovely Wisconsin weather makes me wonder if spring is actually here, and I should be listening to Bob Uecker and the Brewers, or if it is late fall and I should be looking forward to more Packer football. As I sit here, wishing that I could talk about my nice walks through the budding trees in Seminary woods, I look at the thermometer and just wish it could make it to 40 degrees one of these days.

First, I should give a short introduction of myself.  My name is Mark Schrauth, and I am the assistant librarian at the Salzmann Library, the wonderful little library nestled amongst the trees and buildings of the Saint Francis Seminary. I have been here for a little over a year now, being offered a part-time job by the director, Kathy Frymark, while I try to finish up my master’s degree at UW-Milwaukee in Library and Information Science.  The story of how I decided that I wanted to spend my life as a librarian is rather long, and I will save it for another blog. I love it here at the Salzmann Library.  Being among the history of this building, along with being a part of the seminary community, is a dream job. Being able to help people find what they need gives me great joy, and a wonderful sense that I am doing what God wants me to do. However, sometimes I am afraid that not many people know about this library and the wonders that are to be found here.

Several months ago, I had an idea that would possibly help to get the word out. I grew up with my parents and other family members getting the Catholic Herald every week and reading it cover to cover. When Bishop Richard J. Sklba wrote his piece about the Salzmann Library several months ago, I immediately received a call from my mom telling me about it, as well as several other people that stopped in over the next couple of days. The idea grew from that, and the wonderful people at the Catholic Herald have helped make the idea of a monthly small piece in the Catholic Herald a reality, as well as listening to my idea about having a blog on the website about the library – for it is open to the public. Kathy and I look forward to new people coming in.

Therefore, here we are; my first blog post. I look forward to bringing to you information about the library on at least a weekly basis, both news and updates, as well as interesting new books that we might have received. Here is some of the basic information about the library. Our standard hours are Tuesday/Thursday 12 to 8 p.m.; Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Our address is 3257 S. Lake Drive, St. Francis, WI 53235, right next to Henni Hall, due west of the South Parking Lot. The library’s phone number is 414-747-6476. If you would like to contact me through email, it is There is free Wi-Fi available. So come in and check us out, everybody is welcome.