Just askin’:

Patience vs. speed: During Lent, we’re encouraged to slow down, spend more time with God; spend more time praying and doing acts of penance.

Contrast that with Major League Baseball studying ways of speeding up the games in order to attract younger fans who, according to some commentators, are not going to sit through a three and a half hour game.

When I’m paying $30 or more for this form of entertainment, I want my money’s worth. What’s the hurry? I can’t imagine these “fans” having been able to sit through the double headers of baseball’s past. How sad.

If MLB is convinced it has to speed up the game, then cut the commercial breaks between innings by 30 or 60 seconds.

So many fish fries, so few Fridays: That’s what I was thinking as I was planning my Lenten fish fry journey for the next six weeks. Then I read the Catholic News Service report about Pope Francis’ homily from this morning’s Mass:

“There might be someone who thinks, ‘Today is Friday, I can’t eat meat, but I’m going to have a nice plate of seafood, a real banquet,’ which, while appearing to be an abstinence from meat, is the sin of gluttony, the pope said.”

That paragraph isn’t going to appear in any parish’s fish fry announcement.